Infrastructure Is an Environmental Issue
Shelley Poticha

Your first priority should be scumbag politicians who use current infrastructure and their attendant income streams to finance their pet projects and do not do the proper maintenance to existing systems with the money allotted them through allotted taxes and fees. The two that are most egregiously abused are gasoline taxes which have been used for everything else but roads and bridges[and now we have state & Federal legislators looking for increases], and the other major area is water and sewer departments whose departments are not given proper resources by politicians to do the necessary maintenance to keep the infrastructure in proper order, these departments are overcharged to divert costs from other departments, so taxes can be kept in line and fees can be raised without voter approval. Do not say bullshit, I have sat on two water commissions and complained bitterly…sadly PUC’s in most states allow for wide latitude is such nonsense. Then years later the infrastructure wears out or collapses and a major redo is needed and the users take it in the shorts with massive unnecessary increases.

That would do a lot more than the BS about infrastructure affecting Climate change.

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