We have never actually had a true democracy in the U.S.
Karen Lindquist

Your understanding of the current state of the world needs updating. If you are a Black business man visiting A Stockholm night club, you will probably be asked to leave, if you ask why, you will be escorted out by the police to your hotel or a jail cell, and not nicely. Now let’s talk about the Middle Easterners who have immigrated there as recently and who the locals really are having a hard time trying to understand why they do not want to join the Swedish commune and are so openly hostile. The press fails to report that. The rest of the EU is worse.

The Folks who came out in droves in this last election are not joiners either, most of us are hardcore individualists who take full responsibility for themselves and their families and are happy to give to charity, but are sick of giving to the progressive welfare state, so they can buy votes with or money. It has nothing to do with color and it is as much a rebellion against those bastards who set up the system as any Black, Hispanic, or woman could muster….believe it or not they were among us, and the more the merrier; we are not exclusive or interested in Special Interests, just Life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness. Unlike Progressives who want my Liberty so they can tell me what to do, thank you elites.