Haha, Yeah, Another Post on Empathy in Design

Earlier this week I sat down in a local coffee shop to get started on the day’s work. I was immediately impressed by the stunning and precise drawings of the guy next to me. His work was true artistry. We struck up a conversation and I discovered that he was a freelancing architect. Our conversation was varied and reflective on art and design and he left the most significant impression when he told me, “It’s in their benefit for designers to give a s**t about what they do.”

Give a s**t. I think we’re all familiar with the topic of…

And Also Had Epic Adventures at Montues, so.

Epicurrence Photo by Monica Semergiu. ❤

It’s been over two weeks since Montues ended and yep, I still miss the snow-dusted pine trees and the blustery cold as I explored the village during my diligent hunt for sushi. (Food’s always a main distraction, ya know). The Instagram-worthy landscape aside, I’ll tell you what I also miss. My new friends. I miss the conversations we shared over dinner, or while dawdling in the hallway, or when we gathered by the fireplace. …

Greyson MacAlpine

Product Designer @uenodotco, professional photographer, and an addict for travel. I work hard, play well, and probably like you.

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