The Relationship between Advertising and Media Buying Platforms

Nov 2, 2017 · 2 min read

In advertising, you need to negotiate on the amount you will play plus where the advertisements will be placed. You might have noticed that some advertisements appear frequently or some are played more on radio stations than on television. Some advertisements also play at specific times of the day or when some shows start airing. There are a lot of negotiations that take place before these adverts are played.

What to Consider When Buying Media

Have a look at the price rates that media houses offer. Every media house has their standard rates depending on how big the media house is. How long is your advert? The longer your advert plays, the higher the price. It is also important to know what time you want your advert to be aired. They are different media platforms. These include television, radio, internet or print. Always research the best platforms to use. Every business targets a certain audience. Find out the media buying platform your audience uses the most and use that media platform to advertise your product. The target audience may either be regional or international.

Different Types Of Media Platforms

Print media mostly consists of books, newspapers, magazines, brochures and much more. This media platform normally charges according to the size of your advertisement. For example, if your advertisement is going to take up a whole page then you will pay more. A lot of people read newspapers, so booking space is usually difficult. Where you want the advert to be placed is also important. Prices are not the same for an advert that is placed in front of the paper and one that is between the newspapers. The audience must, however, be literate, and this limits your audience reach.

If you are looking forward to using the internet, then you are in luck. Since almost everybody can access the internet, it makes it the fastest method of advertising your business. You can choose to put your adverts on blogs or better yet open a website for your business. You can hire somebody to manage all your social business accounts. For further details regarding media buying platform, go to

Radio is usually the best when you want to reach a larger audience and penetrate other ethnicities. This is because radio channels are speaking every language. Your advert can be translated into these languages.

Choosing television as your media buying platform has its advantage because your audience will be able to see your product. It is usually more expensive than the rest. You can come up with creative ways to come up with new and interesting adverts. The disadvantage of this media channel is that people with disabilities like the deaf will not be able to hear about your products.

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