A Nigerian Entrepreneur's tale.

People who find themselves running sustainable businesses in Nigeria have different reasons for starting their respective businesses and that’s part of what makes them individually unique, but if you ask them what their experiences running a business has been from the start to whatever point they are presently, you most likely will get the same answer from more than half of them; “it has been tough..”

I can say this for myself as well without flinching. It’s a different proposition to run a fledging business in Nigeria and this is not a guarded secret. So it usually is quite interesting when you find young people giving up a potentially fulfilling career to make a name for themselves alone in uncharted or uncertain waters.

One thing I can say though is that the Nigerian Entrepreneur is a formidable human being. They are usually adaptable and flexible yet they stick to their guns never to give up chasing their dreams & goals. No doubt there is still a considerable gap to be filled in several industries and aspects but I have faith.

My current field is in service delivery, more precisely Logistics, focusing on the budding SME community in Abuja/FCT I had found myself playing an integral role in the considerable growth of numerous businesses, helped ease the stress of hundreds of working class individuals. In all honesty this has brought a relative level of satisfaction to me but with each milestone crossed or goal achieved my hunger to do more keeps growing.

I hope our respective businesses can grow together to become formidable brands that can one day be pace setters in their respective sectors.

If timing and schedule permits I hope I get to share some of the unique experiences I have gathered building this enterprise with you.


The Messengers is a delivery and logistics services operation which focuses on SMEs in the ABUJA area. It values prompt servicing along with building strong client relationships through proper customer service.

Teniola Soyebo is The Co-founder & Head of Operations.