After the Reggae…

So it’s time do a postmortem on Valentine’s day as usual and this definitely doesn’t require any public inquiry, all that matters is a short period in your day of self introspection and objective evaluation; are you really in a relationship or single with a bad case of Side-laisis.

Like I said, you don’t have to announce it, just be honest with yourself and whatever the result, act accordingly with derived conclusions and recommendations. 
You see, some of us have found ourselves repeating the same mistakes of believing that above all the fuss and rush with sharing gifts, dinners and steamy night sessions with the ones we call our lovers, our relationships mean more than just that single day, that even if we don’t seem overly excited about valentine’s day we know what really matters. Sorry to burst your bubble Bob, it ain’t happening. A failure to raise the stakes and go all out on valentine’s day is tantamount to a declaration of war. Don’t try to argue, it’s just the way it is.

Woe now betides you if the one you’re with has been getting attention from other quarters. If you miss such an opportunity such as valentine’s day to declare your real or believed love and affection, usually requiring some grand gestures, expensive gifts being delivered in front of his/her work colleagues, you will experience the sort of demotion that is more often associated with a Premier league team that just lost their spot in the top 4. Truth is you don’t have to come first, just put up some sort of show that will make the spectating crowd believe that you tried because, like it or not, valentine’s day isn’t about love, it is about showmanship.

So, if you got the ‘I’m not going to be in town on that day hon’ or she’s declaring her love to someone else who isn’t you on social media after receiving gifts, how does it feel? Has your level of self loathing reached impotency levels or you just want to jump in front of a bus and end it all? Yup, i figured as much, this time next year you’ll probably be at it again.

As for the rest of us who got expensive presents and possibly got engaged I am so happy for you all..No I’m not, it’s not from the bottom of my heart (trying not to sound bitter is work)I hope you all are together next year, for the right reasons.