My opinion about those low moments

Key Note, I am not a life coach enthusiast or self improvement expert but what I do enjoy doing the most is sharing ideas with willing people who are interested in improving their day to day lives.

The bold statement there is particular because of what I am about to share; I recently had been going through a rough patch over the past 3 months and at a point the overwhelming feeling of helplessness seemed never to leave me. I felt as if at any moment I was going to lose it and I must admit I entertained some disturbing thoughts.

Fast forward to today and some pretty rigorous self introspection and practicing what I preach and I believe I am finally confident enough to say I am faring way better than I was 3 months ago. It’s not perfect but as opposed to August & September, it sure looks awfully positive these days. It hasn’t been as a result of any spectacular miracle or the reinforcement of religious faith, actually it has been as a result of my decision to re-orientate my focus.

I recently discovered something interesting, not by accident but more as a result of practice; the solutions and steps needed to solve my immediate problems which more than half the time are keeping you down can be derived from the data around you. I say data because that is what it is, it isn’t information or wisdom or knowledge, it’s simple data and it is all around us. It is therefore on us to choose, whether to turn this data into information that is useful.

Broke? the reality of it is we can’t become rich over night, but we sure can look around and see that people have both immediate and long term needs that you can align with your skills and abilities which can get you off the ground.

Relationship issues? I am 100% no relationship expert so I will shut up here.

Thing is though, the first step has to be the presence of will. If that is absent then I’m not sure any other thing can follow, but I guess that is something we already know.

I didn’t even intend to type these many words….