Why Do I Write?

Every time I have spent a great deal of time away from the keyboard or a notebook and pen my return to active writing is always re-introduced in the same manner; a post of the random musings about why I really do this. I doubt I will ever stop because in those moments of doubt I find myself running back to posts like these to remind myself about the things I have said. It’s a lot like rekindling the passion.

I am by no means a prolific writer or anywhere near the level I imagined I would be at this age. Truth is I have dodged many opportunities to take this craft to a significantly higher level. So in some ways you might not be wrong to suggest that I am the very architect of my own undoing.

So I have come once again, to express myself after another long overdue period of self-doubt and I have arrived at a not too new conclusion which I strongly feel might help me push my writing ambitions in a more productive direction. I have begun to design my own 30 day writing challenge, it will comprise of mainly things I enjoy talking and writing about (so far I have come up with 12 things to write in 12 days, I am still struggling to come up with 18 other things but I am positive that I’ll have a full 30 day writing challenge before the 12th day.

The good thing about this challenge is there really is no pressure to write a minimum amount of words or develop a specific amount of paragraphs because all I truly want to do is write things I love to both talk and write about so if you’re familiar with me you’ll have an idea of what to expect, but if you aren’t then you should be prepared to see subjects such as music, movie’s comics, business, self-introspection, my views on faith & religion and relationships.

I’m well aware that my views on some specific topics I aim to cover might not be palatable to some people but that won’t dissuade me from expressing them. You have every right to disagree and even refuse to read what I have to say.

Ultimately this challenge is about me rediscovering what I strongly believe is a passion of mine, not about trying to look for readership or followers on my medium page. In the meantime I’m more than open to suggestions for topics to make up my 30 day writing challenge so please feel free to use the comment section.

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