Heya! First of, lets get something right.. the title for this article has got close to zero(0) correlation with the article itself. The only relation between the two is *Udemy*(But that’s not how it works. Your title is supposed to send a message across … ) Yeah yeah.. spare me all the “article writing protocol crap” ..

wontumi ny3 me foko 😆

In this article, I write about my latest script and how to use it.
Warning : I copied almost 80% of the code in there from Nishad.

So i wrote this script as a result of the stress i go through whiles downloading courses from Udemy(the best online educator imo). I mean, to download a course video, you need to fetch the url to video from the browser and feed it to any video downloader of your choice. This might not be much of a problem if you’re downloading only 5 videos.. The real problem arises when you sign up for course with about 120 videos.. yup.

while videos-downloaded != (course-videos):
copy().from(browser) and paste().into(video_downloader)

*keep calm and copy* (whatever programming language that is)

Honestly, i found a program that does something similar to mine, but the truth is, it wasn’t working.. *argue with my computer*

Functionality :

Basically, it fetches data from Udemy’s API and builds download links using the data collected.. (roughly 160 lines) . After building the download links, it then saves them in a text file in your current working directory.

How to use it.

1. You provide it with the name of the course.. (Eg. “ 30 days of python”)
2. Your Email (*for authentication )
3. Your Password(*for authentication and oh, its not going to share your login credentials.. you can confirm for yourself)

you should see an interface similar to this

ah!!, so you actually wanted me to show my password .. ?? *sighs*

Yup, that’s all ..The whole process should last less than 3 seconds(terms and conditions apply ) . Your links will be dumped in a text file(last line in the image above!!!!)


beautiful ain’t it? ❤️ (i was referring to automation..its a very beautiful process)

Source code can be found here : here!

Till i decide to automate copying and pasting from StackOverflow, …. Adios!!!