To The Friend I Lost Along The Way
Kayt Molina

I can totally relate to this article as I left my hometown some 20 years ago. I have been back a few times but nothing seems the same anymore. My friends are married with lives of their own and my “ small city” hometown has grown , new buildings erected, old ones torn down. I literally felt like a tourist even when I got to my street I grew up on. neighbors I knew growing up had either passed away or moved. my best friend and I got together for a few drinks and managed to get a good sized little party going with a lot of people we all grew up with. For a few hours things almost seemed like the old days, but the night ended all too soon and my old friends had responsibilities to get back to. Keep the memories of your friends you grew up with dear because you can never get those days back. Maybe we aren’t suppose to, as we grow up we meet new friends and so do they, we move on. Really enjoyed this post and thank you for sharing and giving me a few fond memories of my youth.