Grim beyond the bucket

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, the journey that I have been on over the past two years has made me a much better person.

I now see the world with different eyes to those that I used to. My world is now full of empathy, care, love and happiness. I put this positive increase down to five things:

1) Embracing minimalism. I have now have so few material possessions that I have so little to stress about.

2) Ego. Recognising the bad that ego brings to the life is the first step and then painstakingly adapting your behaviour to cut it out of your life comes next. Stop boasting, stop talking about yourself, stop the endless pursuit of buying the latest stuff.

3) Mindfulness. That time everyday to just breathe is the most powerful thing I have allowed into my life since the birth of my children, it is so important to happiness.

4) Health. No more processed food, loads of water, almost vegan and exercise everyday. I have never felt fitter or healthier. I don’t subscribe to the mass media exercise programmes, equipment, magic drinks or gyms. I just like running, on my own, no gadgets, no trendy gear, in the middle of nowhere on trails.

5) Time. By cutting out pointless, time sapping stuff I have so much more time to do the things that I like. I suppose this is the on-tangible side of minimalism. I rarely look at a phone, I dedicate relatively small periods of time to things like emails, I watch very little TV. Try it for a week and watch your life improve. The importance of having time to yourself everyday is massive and if you aren’t getting any, you need to make changes.

What I want to do now, though, is to get out of my comfort zone more. My favourite things about 2016 (other than the list above and time with family and friends) has been the development of new skills. I set up my own business, I wrote a book and had it published, I learnt to cook loads of new things and I travelled a lot. What I want for 2017 is to learn new things. I suppose I want a bucket list but then I also want so much more.

I started by sitting down to write a list of skills I want to learn, things to do, places to visit. What exciting things can one experience as a human being? How can I get out of my comfort zone? A google search has brought up the same old boring bucket list ideas but I want more than this. I want experiences that link to sharing time with others, with interesting people. I want to help people, learn from people and generate more happiness.

Please help. I need ideas!

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