How to Criticize Politicians Without Saying “Libtard” or “Trumpkins”

Alright, here’s the deal. If you combat my criticisms of the current President’s administration by throwing up criticisms of the previous administration, you are adding nothing to the conversation for a few reasons.

Firstly, a lot of people did NOT agree with everything the previous administration did, so no, I’m not being a “liberal hypocrite.” And can we stop with the name-calling? I sit pretty moderate on most issues, so it’s not winning any arguments by generalizing at me.

Secondly, we live in the NOW. It does not win an argument to compare past mistakes to current bad behavior. That just shows we have a history of government blunders and tells me you’d rather defend party lines than consider the consequences of an action the administration takes that, hey, maybe you don’t agree with anyway.

That leads me to my next point: we’re all dynamic people with dynamic views. You don’t need to be a cheerleader for your political party and support every stance they have if you don’t, in fact, support every stance they have. NO ONE agrees with every detail of their party’s platform except maybe the few people that defined that platform. Take a step back, consider your own values, and engage in a civil conversation rather than immediately becoming defensive. THAT GOES FOR ALL SIDES. If we want to reach each other and even change minds, we need to start treating each other like people, not as defined groups we tagged preconceived opinions onto already.

And finally, don’t argue in memes. A picture with a sentence on it does not further a point — it just proves you only get your news from social media. I get we’re in the social media age, but we won’t get past this civil infighting unless we start listening and talking like humans, not internet trolls.

Anyway, share this if you would like since people need to realize that being critical of leaders you did or didn’t elect is not “failing to stick to your beliefs,” it’s called being an American and thinking critically.

Read a news site. Then read another one on the same issue but with opposing bias. Then read some more. Digest it. Consider it. Discuss it constructively.

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