Competition Time — Write a Green Stars Review

Howdy! I’m looking forward to writing some new Daily Impact posts soon, but this week I want to run a competition. I’m planning to do it on a regular basis if it goes well. I’m not expecting many entries, so if you do decide to enter I’d say your chance of winning is pretty high

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • To enter, write a Green Stars review of anything under the sun. It can be a local business (a restaurant, for example) or any kind of product, such as a food or household item. You can find some example reviews of products here and local businesses here. Use any format that suits, as long as it includes a Green Stars rating.
  • Post your review on any site that accepts reviews of businesses or products and send me a link to the review or the review text (jmskrb at gmail dot com). If you prefer, you can post it as a comment below.
  • The winner will be announced here in a month (Sept 21st, 2017) in a post that will feature their review (you can remain completely anonymous if desired).
  • If there are no entries (I’m a realist!) the competition will remain open until someone enters.

The Prize

I will donate $55 to the WWF (the World Wildlife Fund, not the wrestlers) and you can pick a gift from their catalog, which the WWF will send directly to you. I have their ceramic travel coffee mug and also one of their T-shirts (70% organic bamboo, 30% organic cotton), both of which I like a lot. Other gifts include a metal lunch box, bamboo cutting board, coloring book, umbrella, beach towel, etc. (Or you can choose to have no gift if you want to maximize the contribution to the WWF.)

Bonus Prize

I’m also undergoing the process of minimization / spring-cleaning (I know it’s not spring but it’s a long process!), so from time to time I’m going to donate items as an additional prize for exceptionally good reviews. First up, it’s a box set of Led Zeppelin’s complete studio recordings (on CD). If the winner lives a very long distance away or somehow has no interest in Led Zeppelin, I’ll come up with an alternative prize.

Contact me if you need anything’s not clear or if you need any help with your review. Please share this post if you think you know someone who’d be interested. Good luck!