11 Email Templates for Performance Management Process

Performance Management perhaps might be the most process oriented activity among all Human Resources function. An important characteristic of an effective performance management process is clear and concise communication.

Automated Performance Management Systems automate the workflow. To help you further, here are 9 Email templates for all the steps involved in the Performance Management.

While the HR team sets up the process for the entire organisation, every employee should receive these emails.

Email Account activation | Invitation mail to PMS:

Email to every employee about their account activation

Subject Line: Welcome to <<Performance Management System>>

Hi <<first_name>>,
 Congrats, your <<performance management system>> account is now ready. You see your objectives, give/get feedback, record your development plans and see your alignment with company goals and vision.

We encourage you to use the system on a regular basis which will help you perform better and have better interaction with your manager.

Your Account Details:
 <<PM System name>>

<<Employee Name>>
 <<Employee_Email Id>>

System Access
 URL: <<system access links>>
 User Name: <<provide username>>

Click the url below to activate your account
 <<give link to activation>>

Best Regards,
 Team HR

Email to manager for assignment of reviewee :

Email to Reviewer (Manager) about the number of reviewees they have and providing coaching to.

Subject Line: You have been assigned N Reviewers for <<Review_Cycle>>

Hi <<manager_name>>,

You have been assigned as Reviewer to 2 employee(s) for Review 16 — Q1 [Name of the Review and Cycle]. As part of the process you will have to set objectives for your reviewees in the near future.

We encourage you to give constant feedback using Instant Feedback mechanism and send feedback emails to demo.feedback@grosum.com.
 How to Access
 URL : <<access_name>>
 User Name : <<user_name>>

Best Regards,
 Team HR

Alert for Setting Objectives for the next quarter/month:

Asks the Reviewer to set Goals/Expectations for the next month/quarter/half-year cycle.

Subject Line: Set Performance Measures

Hi <<manager_name>>,

You have a new task : Set Reviewee’s Measures

What do YOU have to do?

For Review 16-Q1, you have to set Reviewee’s measures for the review period for 2 Reviewees.
 You have to complete this task by 01 Jun 2016

How to Access
 URL : <<link_access>>
 User Name : <<user_name>>

Where to find Goal Setting
 1. Click on Review 16-Q1
 2. Go to My Tasks
 3. Click on Set Reviewee’s Measures

Best Regards,
 Team HR

Alert for Employee to check their objectives. :

Informs Reviewee that objectives for next review cycle have been set and they can review them.

Subject Line: Your Performance Measures have been set

Hi <<employee_name>>,

Your Performance Measures are now finalized & signed off by <<manager_name>>.

Best Regards,
 Team HR

Notification that their forms are open for their inputs:

Informs Reviewee that they can constantly record observations, fill in sections provided by HR, give and get feedback for the present review cycle.

Subject Line: Your Review Form is Open

Hi <<employee_name>>,

You can login to the system and see your objectives on the dashboard.

Your Review form has following sections:

  1. Objectives
  2. Training & Development
  3. Highlights

As part of self-evaluation, you can go to the objectives section, and record your comments against each Performance Measure. We encourage you to give your inputs on a regular basis as this will help in clear discussion between you and your manager.

You can give your Professional Development and Training Program Needs under Training and Development section. Feel free to recommend training plans, skill development actions which will help you to perform better and develop your skill set.

The highlights section, contains questions for your Qualitative and Subjective inputs on Team and Culture, Personal and Professional objectives.

The system has an Instant Feedback mechanism which allows you to give/get feedback at any point of time.

Log in to your account. There will be notifications to complete task. Or what YOU can do:

  1. Go to Reviews > <<Current Review Name>>
     2. Go to My Tasks
     3. Click on Do Self Review

At any point of time, you can connect to the Human Resource team at hr@your-domain.com

Happy Work Ahead.

Team HR :)

Manager notification for reviewing employee inputs at month/quarter end

Informs Manager that employee form is now open for discussion and inputs on various touch points

Subject Line: N Reviewer form open

Hi <<manager_name>> ,

You have a new task Be the Reviewer for 2 reviewees, due by 14 Jun 2016.

You have to provide inputs on the following sections:
 1) Objectives
 2) Development
 3) Highlights
 You can select on each section, and fill in your inputs against each. You will be able to see your Reviewee’s inputs.

In objectives section, you can see how they have fared themselves against various goals and competencies, have given comments. We encourage you to not only give them quantitative description but also write comments.

You can also see feedback and recommendation given to employee against the performance objectives.

You can move further to different sections, like Promotion, Development and Highlights, to record your inputs. The progress will be continuously saved.

How do you access?

URL : <<link to PM system>>
 User Name : <<username to same>>

Enter your credentials and follow notifications or:

Where to find Be the Reviewer
 1. Go to Reviews > <<Current Review Name>>
 2. Go to My Tasks
 3. Click on Be the Reviewer

Best Regards,

Team HR :)

Mail to employee to review manager comments and see discussion points

Informs Manager that employee form is now open for discussion and inputs on various touch points

Subject Line: N Reviewer form open

Hi <<employee_name>>,

Your review is now open for your final acceptance & sign off; due by 14 Jun 2016

You have to assess your Reviewer’s inputs & then sign off your agreement/disagreement to the review.

Schedule a meeting to discuss various touch-points including Training and Development and objectives.

How to Access
 URL : <<link to Performance Management>>
 User Name : <<access_name>>

Where to find Accept & Sign off?
 1. Click on Review 2016-Q1
 2. Go to My Tasks
 3. Click on Accept & Sign Off

Best Regards,

Team HR :)

Mail to Manager that Employee has seen the form

Inform the manager that employee has seen the form and also given his/her final inputs.

Subject Line: Reviewer has signed of the form

Hi <<manager name>>,

<<employee_name>> has signed off acceptance of your review inputs for Review 16-Q1

Best Regards,

Team HR

Mail to Manager that Employee doesn’t disagree to some points

Inform the manager that employee has disagreed to some of the inputs from the manager and wish to have a discussion on them

Subject Line: Reviewer has signed of the form

Hi <<manager_name>>,

<<employee_name>> has disagreed to your review inputs for Review 16-Q1
 Please take necessary action.

Best Regards,

Team HR

Mail if any task is unlocked

Inform the employee and manager that the objective setting/self-evaluation forms have to be revised.

Subject Line: Task Unlocked

Hi <<first_name>>,

The following task is now unlocked for Quarterly Review 15–16.

Task: Accept & Sign off | Objective Setting | Self Evaluation

Best Regards,

Team HR

Mail for 360 Feedback

Inform employee that they have been selected as feedback participant in 360 Degree Feedback.

Subject Line: Reviewer has signed of the form

Hi <<first_name>>,

You have been identified as a key person to be a participant (respondent) in 360 degree feedback program. The purpose of this feedback is to gain other’s perspectives work behaviors.

We are seeking your feedback about the direct interactions you have had with the person identified on the survey.

Your inputs will be used to map a report, which the individual identify their strengths and areas for development, as they grow in their role.

360 Degree Feedback Guidelines:

– Your input will be anonymous. The recipient of this feedback will see a summary, not your feedback form.

– Please identify the top <<N>> strengths and <<N>> improvement areas only from the <<N>> behavioral traits mentioned. | There are <<N>> work and behavior traits mentioned under different perspectives.

– Indicate ‘S’ for strengths and ‘I’ for improvement areas against the 5 behavioral traits each. | Use the scale from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree” as your input to each trait.

– You will have to comment in the boxes indicating ‘STOP’ & ‘START’. Please indicate in detail 4–5 behaviors or areas you need the subject to stop and 4–5 behaviors or areas you need the subject to start working on.

You may be evaluating more than one individual and therefore may receive multiple survey invitations.

Person you are evaluating: <<Employee Name>> | <<Employee Name>> | <<Employee Name>>

Thank you for your participation. Happy Feedback 🙂

Team HR

At the end of the day, there should be clear communication to make the process a success and get the best out of it. Automating Performance Management greatly facilitate the workflow and reduces paper work by nearly to 90 %. In-fact, revolutions of automated Performance Management Systems show that they have widely been appreciated by employees and managers for a transparent and growth process. Email communication is extremely helpful and hopefully these templates will be to you too.

Legend :

<<Employee Name>> : Insert Employee Name

<<manager name>> : Reviewer/Manager Name

<<N>> : Number

<<Current Review Name>> : Name of Current Review process eg : Review 16–17, Review 15–16

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