Check List for 360 Feedback

We help you to go through a check list, which will help you setup a 360 Feedback process and get the most of it.

Before you start a 360 Feedback process, it’s important that you define traits for the process. Following is a 9 point list, which will help you ensure that you don’t miss anything to create an important process.

  1. Clear Communication

First and foremost, make it clear what 360 Feedback is. People should not perceive this feedback given in Employee Appraisal Process.

Communication should include:

a) Information for each step of the process which clearly states

- Process timeline

- How to provide constructive feedback

- How to select Feedback providers

2. Feedback Providers: No limit

The process should not restrict the number of employee givers. Anyone cam have N number of feedback givers and the size may vary for everyone.

3. Employee Anonymity

Confidentiality should remain for employees giving feedback. Unlike the Performance Review process, where the people know that their immediate managers are providing comments and assessing work & skill progress, 360 Feedback givers has to confidential. The promise of confidentiality improves the quality of response from the responder group

4. Personal Development Plan

Document a development plan with inputs from the feedback participants. Make sure that the development plans are highly actionable goals.

5. Team reports and analysis

Apart from individual reports, an analysis of overall team should be created. This analysis helps to understand if the combined team has a weak spot, which can be improved by providing a training.

6. Data Availability and Exploration

All the data collected through feedback should be available to use and analysis. You can use spreadsheets which helps you to segregate data and use it for analysis.

7. Best practice Feedback Questionnaire

When designing the 360 Feedback form, take questions which will be best suited to your purpose? Are you looking to take inputs on Behavioral attributes or Performance Attributes and plan development accordingly?

Select the best practice questions and design them as per different respondent groups.

8. Interactive and comprehensive Reports

Reports cannot be boring, yet they have to be useful. Try use bar graphs for pictorial representation of the data. Should include important stats on rating gap for attributes.

9. Expert Guidance

HR Business partner or Managers can act as consultants on development plans. Not only they can help to assess the reports, they are of tremendous assistance in developing actionable goals as per development plan.

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