How organisations conduct Performance Management [Infographic]

Here is an info-graph on how organisations conduct Performance Management.

It shows the basics of a process, for example the rating scale, feedback, rewards, recognition and how they combine to be part of performance management.

At a point when there have been discussion on how Performance Management should be designed for decision making or development purposes, or annual reviews should be replaced by continuous feedback ones, this info-graph discusses how organisations are conducting the performance management process.

Though culture has a good role to play in deciding how the employee engagement and performance management is driven, hr tech can play a big role in making them more efficient.

When more and more are looking to automate their entire performance management process, they are looking to change the way the process takes place. Continuous feedback for engagement, continuous goal setting for working towards bigger picture, friction less review process these are some of the essentials CEO/CXO/VP-HRs are looking to.

With millennials joining the workforce, expect drastic changes in how Human Resource function. With 62 % of the millennials thinking that annual Performance Reviews do no good to them, employee engagement is top of everybody’s agenda.

HR managers have to embrace technology and cannot afford to leave themselves far behind in using technology for human resource practice.