A Gruelling Journey: How a Tomato Gets from the Farm to the Supermarket

Written by Diane Vukovic from Grobo, a smart indoor gardening system that grows fresh food and medicine for you. Click here to learn more about Grobo.

If you’ve ever tried a truly fresh tomato, then you know it is bursting with flavour and succulent with juices. By comparison, the tomatoes you get in the supermarket taste and feel like cardboard.

There are many factors to blame for the bland taste of supermarket tomatoes, such as the genetic mutations that farmers encourage in order to grow more perfect-looking tomatoes, but sacrificed taste.

A big part of the reason that supermarket tomatoes are so flavourless is because of the long and intensive process required to get them from the farm to the supermarket.

Here we will look at exactly what steps are involved in getting a tomato from the field to your supermarket, including how they are grown, processed, and stored.

Picking tomatoes while they are still green. Image: NPR

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