How much does it pay to be a Farmer in India: The Real Stats

Today, India ranks on the 2nd position in the world when it comes to farm output.
 With a land that grows the best spices in the world and ranks amongst the top of being the best fruit producer, farmer issues and pay is still a major concern. The enormous and gigantic farming sector comes with some not so much hidden cons. The reason- The real producers of fruits and vegetable- The Farmers earn only pennies of their produce.

In this Article, we will actually talk about the numbers and stats that let you know the actual earnings of a farmer.

In a country where 58% of the rural households depend on their agriculture produce, an average farm household makes Rs 6,426 per month. Considering the demands and supply of fruits and vegetables in India, an amount of Rs 6,426 month is very low for someone who is working hard under sun, rain and cold to grow the produce.
 If we break down the farmer’s income, this is what we see.

Source: The Hindu

So, where do the farmers sell their crop? To start with the analysis, most farmers need half of the produce to feed their own family for a month. Of what is left to sold, private traders (the middlemen) charge a hefty commission to the farmer to bring their produce to the market. To those few farmers who sell the produce to procurement agencies get the Minimum Support Price in return.

Unfortunately, the farmer conditions translate in debts.

According to the National Sample Survey Office’s survey, 50% of the farmers in India are indebted. While 26% of farmers seek the help of moneylenders, the 42% with bigger landholdings go to banks.

Also, the amount debts are in huge numbers. According to the estimates, the average loan amounts rounds up to Rs. 47,000 for an ordinary farmer. Considering the farmer makes between 4,000 to 6,000 per month (excluding the farmer’s consumptions), the total amount comes off as a heavy burden to the farmer’s family.

Here’s how much the southern states farmers are suffering from Indebtedness.

Source: The Hindu

What do Farmers Need?

Every farm household needs at least 1 hectare of land to make ends meet.
 In a scenario where 65 percent of farmers have less than 1 hectare of land for cultivation, every 2 out of 3 farm households are unable to feed their families.

On the other hand, the middlemen rule the market. They are the dominating agents in the procurement space who suppress the farmers and degrade their condition.

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