Visual Bot Design for Everyone Using Motion AI and Lita

Recently I wanted to try out Motion AI’s visual bot builder to create a bot for Glip chat by RingCentral. While Motion AI supports a number of chat platforms in addition to SMS and email, it does not support Glip natively yet. To address this, I used their API to connect Motion AI to the Ruby-based Lita chatbot along with the Lita Glip adapter I published back in January. Of course, once this is available, you can connect Motion AI to any chat service supported by Lita.

To make this work, I looked at the Motion AI UI an API a bit and decided to write a simple passthrough handler that passes all input from Lita to Motion AI and returns all responses to the user. You can get the handler from Ruby Gems and examine the code on Github:

To use this, just create a Lita bot, add lita-motionai as a handler and enable with your Motion AI API key and bot id. After launching Lita you should be good to and all message handling will be managed by Motion AI. Your bot will use the brains of Motion AI and the adapters of Lita!

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