Summer is three weeks away and all I feel is sorrow.

I am a freshman in high school, and I have lived in the same city almost my whole life. I have recently moved 30–45 minutes away and it’s hit me harder than expected.

The school year will be ending in about 3 weeks. Most kids are extremely ecstatic and can’t wait for summer. Summer to everyone else means swimming, sun kissed skin, vacations, and freedom. And although I have summer plans, I don’t feel free. I feel trapped.

I can’t decide on one specific reason for why I am feeling this way. There are so many.

I feel far away from everyone. Especially my close friends and my boy friend. I have went to school with the same people my whole life. It’s heartbreaking that one day, some day soon, I won’t even remember their last names and all of those fimiliar faces won’t be so fimiliar anymore.

It’s hard.

I started high school here and I got so used to it, and now it’s being taken away from me. I just cannot fathom the pain I’m feeling. Soon, I won’t be walking those fimiliar hallways. I wont know my way around. I wont see my favorite English teacher ever again.

It’s utterly and completely unsettling.