The Natural Man is defined by a list of paradoxes

The Man of God is defined by truths & blessings

The Natural Man both obsesses over feeling like he’s in control of as much as possible, while at the same time can’t handle the weight of being responsible for anything.

The Man of God knows that he’s not in control of anything, and is comfortable with that because he knows that God is good. This empowers him to handle any level of responsibility, big or small, because he entrusts his responsibilities to God to fulfill.

The Natural Man craves money, power, health, and a long life, never being satisfied with any of it.

The Man of God requires none of these to be filled with joy, yet God richly provides for all the man's needs.

The Natural Man is solely focused on being successful in this life. Never being able to take anything with him.

The Man of God sees this life in perspective, as a footnote in eternity, and God blesses him all his days.

The Natural Man constantly pursues happiness. Life is either good or bad, depending on the circumstance, and he thinks there’s no happiness greater than laughter. Struggles and hardships are painful, and have to be avoided at all costs, even when avoiding them leads to greater struggles.

The Man of God had a joy freely given to him, unchanged by circumstance. He embraces struggles because he knows who gives them, and that they’re given as a gift to make him stronger. This makes him a master of complex emotions, creating laughter in the midst of sorrow, making distinctions between mirth and happiness, because some joys in life are too good to be spoiled.

The Natural Man can only ever do the things he wants, and he only ever wants what he wants. Even if what he wants is to be a good person, he only does the good things that he wants to do. He thinks that doing what he wants is freedom, when he’s held captive by his own heart.

The Man of God is free to do what he doesn’t want, what God requires of him. God then changes what he wants without difficulty, to give him joy in what he does.

The Natural Man sees things that are good and rightly wants them, but they become idols to him, and destroy his soul.

The Man of God blesses the giver for every gift, and those same things fill his life with joy.

The Natural Man desperately desires a beautiful wife, and is destroyed by jealousy when he sees that every other man wants what he thinks is his.

The Man of God seeks after a gentle and quiet spirit, and discovers a wife who’s beautiful in more ways than one.

The Natural Man wishes he knew the future, but is terrified of what that future could be.

The Man of God is comfortable having no idea what tomorrow holds, let alone the future. And yet he trusts in a God who has the best future planned for him, and knows that God’s plan is good.

The Natural Man thinks that de-stressing means blocking out his problems, doing nothing for a while, not thinking about the existential questions, or that everyone they know is going to die.

The Man of God relies on the existential, the nitty gritty reality to relieve his stress, because even though we all die, the big picture is that for God’s people, everything is going to work out fine in the long-run. He has a father who looks after him, and supplies exactly what he needs.

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