Chancoin, the imageboard cryptocurrency

The 4chan communities have birthed a new cryptocurrency, welcome to Chancoin.

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Jan 29, 2018 · 6 min read

The story of Chancoin’s development has had a rocky start from it’s very beginnings. The peculiar nature of 4chan and it’s fringe communities have an unpredictable element much to the trends they birth for larger communities like Facebook and Twitter to feed on. That being said bad actors are bound to be circling around and the future of Chancoin almost was dead in the water. We are now entering 2018 and not only is Chancoin alive, but it’s starting to show it’s strength in numbers by the day. Let’s dive into some of the happenings in the Chancoin world currently.

The funny thing about the cryptocurrency world is that if you wish to look at the history of said coin, sometimes all you have to do is look at it’s price graph. The Chancoin project began in July but the original developer did not maintain trustworthy relations to it’s community and almost killed the project dead(as one can see on the price graph from September to November 2017). After much discussion via Bitcoin talk forums a developer stepped up to plate and helped revive the community and project. Gossamer Socks did what most developers in the space wouldn’t dare, to revive a dead in the water crypto coin. Soon after, more of the crypto curious began to circle again and realized that a developer with honest integrity took over and the project itself had a sort of crypto resurrection. As you look again at the graph you can see Chancoin’s heartbeat beginning to resurface. Now we enter Chancoin’s current development position.

Gossamer Socks and crew have been toiling away at their Litecoin fork derivative for the past couple of months. The syncing of the chain was a small hurdle but we have finally accomplished a difficulty change at block 23,500. A sort of celebration is now being had with the development team at this current time. The engine to Chancoin’s proverbial car has been finally repaired and now ready to house all the needs and creations that wish to bootstrap to Chancoin’s blockchain. While all of this is happening the market of crypto has been swishing and swaying like a ship storm in uncharted waters(500+ billion dollars currently). Chancoin has been unaffected by this market amazingly, a calm in the literal storm.

The inherent fun nature of a cryptocurrency in visual format.

Chancoin represents a new generation of cryptocurrency. Since being birthed by a very community that represents the fringe areas of the internet, accept that some attitude will come with the coin as well. An alternative currency is definitely an apt title for it’s current nature. The new “Bitcoin generation” of youth will grow tired of using dead presidents as currency. Can a new paradigm of fun currencies be established. We think Chancoin’s aesthetics perfectly attune to this future.

An accurate representation of the memecoin market.

The rise of “memecoins” is full at hand. Currently the top ranking are of course Dogecoin, Pepecash, Memetic and a new upstart called Garlicoin. Yes even a garlic bread cryptocurrency is being made. Alot of these coins provide a great experimentation case for what the future has in store. Chancoin as it stands does not affiliate with just one meme, it establishes itself as the cryptocoin that represents all of those internet trends under one roof. We believe it will be the umbrella currency for all of the memecoins to flourish in their own right. Just like the world has demarcation lines for country currencies, perhaps we are seeing a new demarcation line of cryptocurrencies in the world of the internet? Very exciting times ahead.

An example of Pepecash fever in Japan.

The imageboard community and it’s origins come from Japan. Through this we see an interesting symbiosis happening in crypto as well. Through innovations of the Pepecash+Rarepepe blockchain card markets a connection is being made from American/English markets to Japanese markets. More economic discourse is being made between both nationalities and all one has to do is type “pepecash” in twitter and look at the feeds, it’s primarily Japanese. Chancoin, in it’s very nature is a representation of the imageboard community and wishes to bridge this gap and make the connection stronger. Enter the current developments of the accidental integration of Chancoin into the 4chan community.

The green label was originally reserved for using an anonymous surname. Now it has been adapted to include Chancoin addresses by $CHAN fans. Our tipping bots can identify these addresses and tip accordingly.

If you stumble into 4chan most will stick to a couple boards and know literally nothing about the other boards that are also extremely populated. If you ever stumble into the /biz/ room you will quickly find out that cryptocurrency is about the only thing being talked about, not stocks or 401ks. One trend that Chancoin has accidentally established within /biz/ are Chancoin fans posting their wallet addresses within the title fields. Our tipping bots now can locate these posts and if they are posting great material then they can be tipped immediately. Talks of a dedicated imageboard with more Chancoin integrations are being had as well.

Chancoin City, the crypto crossroads of Discord. Population growing by the thousands each month.

As far as community engagement is concerned we have 2 discords. One is “Chancoin official,” which focuses more on development and the nuts & bolts of it’s decentralized core network. The other is “Chancoin City” which has the most users frequenting it’s room. This “city” is the gathering place for everyone on the promotion end and varied community stances. Chancoin city hosts a literal meme factory inside of it, has it’s own meme depository sections and also is a welcome mat for the crypto curious. We’ve recently had an interesting connection made with ESPRIT 空想, who is a famous musician in the Vaporwave genre and this goes right into our next accidental discovery.

A very common joke in the Vaporwave community, which oddly sounds like the Chancoin story as well.

meme currency and a meme genre of music being paired together? Well it’s slowly happening and we might see more of it in 2018. The genre of Vaporwave and RetroSynthwave is probably the most refreshing genres of music in this day and age. Rooted in hardcore nostalgic fantasies but showcasing a modern feel, these music forms have grown organically and primarily inside the internet communities themselves. Vaporwave is considered as a “meme” genre of music because of it’s virality and tongue in cheek nature to it’s own existence. We’ve started to see that perhaps Vaporwave and Chancoin might be a perfect new economic experiment ready to rise to the surface. Both have the same types of behaviors and it only seems fitting for them to work together.

Besides all of this, day by day Chancoin continues to grow and if you are interested please feel free to visit us on the Discord servers or Bitcointalk threads. Chancoin to the moon! $CHAN all day.

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