Better git diffs with FZF

what git diff normally shows you

The good stuff: FZF and how to set it up.

brew install fzf
a basic demo of fzf
fzf --preview 'bat {-1} --color=always'
fzf with bat preview
  • Generate a list of modified files with git diff --name-only
  • Pipe that into fzf
  • Preview the file's diff with git diff --color=always
fd() {
preview="git diff $@ --color=always -- {-1}"
git diff $@ --name-only | fzf -m --ansi --preview $preview
# comparing your current branch to master
fd master...
# comparing the changes between two commits
fd 4c674950..6d88a7bfd8
isn’t it nice to be able to use fzf for this?



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Rafael Mendiola

Rafael Mendiola


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