Message In A Bottle…

Sticking the rolled up letter into the liquor bottle she had finished off the night before, she couldn’t help but think that no one may ever read this. For all she knew it could get lost along the way or destroyed and never found. 
 The letter held every emotion she ever felt, anger, sadness, happiness and her true story from beginning to end. Things she had shared once before and things she would never share with anyone. Signing it with a broken heart instead of her name.


She stood on the concrete step near the edge of the river, watching it flow towards the sunset. Holding the bottle in her right hand she looked down at the letter inside and for a moment she regretted coming here, she started to regret the things she wrote and begun to feel disappointed and almost sorry for herself. 
 Taking a step back, she sat down against the wall to the steps leading back up to the road and considered just going home…but this was her way of finally getting her thoughts off her back, her way of letting go when she had no one to talk to.

She built up the courage to let go of her emotions and watched as the bottle flew from her fingers and landed in the river. As her message resurfaced and started floating away it felt like a breath of fresh air being released from the dark foggy abyss inside her.

Sometimes when you have no one, than no one is who you write to…
It won’t matter who finds it or if it never gets to be opened but the point is, you let it out… You found a different way to bottle it up!!

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