Exhibition for People Interested In the Field Of Ground Care and Maintenance

Landscape Show

The field of ground care and turf management has its fair share of enthusiasts. These are people who take keen interest in the latest developments in this industry and want to learn more about how they can better themselves.
In order to help such people gain all this information and much more now there are popular trade exhibitions that take place each year in the UK. These exhibitions comprise of numerous events that focus on ground care, sports, amenities, estates and green space management. From exhibitors to leading experts and people interested in this field, such exhibitions are attended by numerous people and the number keeps on growing each year. Some of the numerous things that are a part of such events include-

Exhibitions of latest machinery and equipment- This involves exhibitors from some of the leading names in the industry, who come and present the latest machinery and equipment that have come up. Even for new exhibitors who have come up with innovative ideas this platform proves to be a good place to meet relevant people and buyers

Free seminars- For people who visit such events to gain information and increase their knowledge there are free seminars held. These seminars are useful for practitioners of all disciplines be it professionals or volunteers. Industry leading experts and top names in the European groundsmanship industry share their knowledge and conduct live learning sessions.

One on one session with experts- In order to help people gain some of the best advice and guidance in sports turf management, there are also one to one sessions held where people can come and meet experts and ask their questions. These experts are from various sporting backgrounds and linked to the FA, the ECB, the RFU and Sport England-funded Grounds & Natural Turf Improvement’s Programme’s

Industry awards- Even an award ceremony is a part of such exhibitions where people who have added value to the field of ground care and turf management through their dedication are awarded

Opportunity for young groundsmen- This is one of the best things that are a part of such exhibitions. Aside from providing people with information on the latest changes in the industry. These greenkeeping events also focus on helping youngsters looking to make a career for themselves in this field. A young groundsmen’s conference is a part of these events which is organised by the Institute of Groundsmanship’s Young Board of Directors. This conference is attend by experienced volunteer groundsmen from various sporting background who guide youngsters towards making a more rewarding career in this field.

Whether for a landscape show or even an exhibition for parks such events are the place to be when looking for comprehensive information about everything related to ground care for almost every sector. No matter if you are an exhibitor or a visitor these events can help you meet the right people and get the best and most suitable advice that can help you grow in the ground care and landscaping industry. So, don’t wait, go online to find out where such an exhibition is being held this year in the UK.