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6th — 7th December 2016 — Dubai. Getting To Strategy

The GSN Focus — Goal 8 Of The Global Goals

The 12 Sub-Dimensions To Goal Eight

Goal 8 has 12 highly interconnected targets. We are sensitive to the challenge of addressing each one at the same time as ensuring that any initiative takes as holistic approach as possible.

When we examined these 12 targets they suggested a set of 4 cross cutting themes that capture the essence of Goal 8:

  1. End Modern Day Slavery.
  2. Establish Fair and Equitable conditions for all workers.
  3. Make Business a Force for Good.
  4. Change Societal Norms

And To Do This We Have 5 Foundations:

We Have An Internal Mantra:

A Unifying Mission For GSN


The Triple Bottom Line — Equilibrium That Informs The Outcome Of All Our Work

And How We Understand Human Beings & Their Drivers — Beliefs & Values, Contexts & Experiences

Bringing Society Along In All Its Forms

Government, Media, Faith, Business & Community

The Global Sustainability Network (GSN) represents a collection of individuals and organisations – across five sectors – (Business, Faith, Media, Community and Government).They are all committed to tackling Goal 8 of the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

The GSN are shaping a collective approach and response to this goal. This is based on 4 primary aims that define the achievements. They will each be required in order to bring about sustainable change:

  1. End Modern Day Slavery.
  2. Establish Fair and Equitable conditions for all workers.
  3. Make Business a Force for Good.
  4. Change Societal Norms


“Bearing in mind that the solutions should be attainable and measureable and based on the data collected from the past 4 events for each respective sector –

What strategy can we (By Each Team) collectively adopt to achieve Goal 8 in collaboration with all other sectors by 2030?”

Engaging All The Primary Stakeholders

Working in groups to make sense and bring some order to all the collaboration that will be required.

The Four Themes

Simplifying Our Aim Through These Four Drive Our Strategy To Achieve The Overall Aim Of Goal 8

Goal 8 has 12 highly interconnected targets.

We are sensitive to the challenge of addressing each one while making sure that any initiative takes as holistic approach as possible.

“We examined the 12 targets fully and they suggested a set of 4 cross cutting themes – they capture the entire essence of Goal 8…”

  1. Full and Productive Employment
  2. Sustainable Economic Development
  3. Respecting Human Rights and Dignity
  4. Global Resource Efficiency

These themes drive our strategy and help us keep the many initiatives and interventions connected – on course for delivering the greater outcome.

The theory is that by tackling Goal 8 through these aims we will address the most significant challenges that exist today.

We have established a hierarchy of frameworks. They will help members to work individually and in collaboration to unite around a set of shared definitions. The structures provide a common platform for all initiatives to feed into.

Each of these visual devices has a specific purpose and role to play in supporting the Network. They will make collaboration and collective endeavour more effective. In particular they will make the many/multiple initiatives easier to connect and align.

Based On Our Operational Philosophy — An Interconnected Web Of Opportunity

The Links To The Images that Follow


We Call The Above The GSN Architecture.

This structure positions the Network and its role and focus in tackling Goal 8. We might think of it as the ‘charter’ that all active members sign up to.

In this device we have defined our areas of focus (noting the triple bottom line philosophy). It reflects the way we’ve structured the working groups (five sectors) that will drive and connect all the initiatives.

In it we define our expectations and definition of success through the outcomes we aim for between now and 2030. It will illustrate how everything adds up to the realisation of Goal 8.

As work progresses we would add the agreed priorities for each working group and set interim targets on the journey to 2030.

“GSN is not a single entity and has no desire to impose rigid policies and processes but it will be important to have a strong identity as a network and we will do this through shared principles and values…”

* We have been gathering examples of possible principles through the various discussions held so far. Currently the content in the Principles section doesn’t represent a set that’s agreed or owned by the Network.

The Individual Strategy Level Framework(s)

The Content – The Strategic Aims, The Specific Challenges Being Tackled, The Critical Success Factors, The Vision, The Partnerships Involved, The Measures Of Success, The Outcomes.


Fluid & Adaptable To The Reality

GSN will always be a loose and open network. It’s a mechanism thet encourages many members to participate in different ways.

That will ensures that we maximise the capabilities and resources that we can drawn on. It does present some practical challenges when it comes to making sure we keep everything connected.

The ‘Strategy Framework’ – is designed to gives us a high level overview of the main initiatives. They are supporting one or more themes (see below) at any time.

At at this level each initiative will get much more precise and so we will be looking for very tangible targets and measures. They will feed into the outcomes at the Theme level in detail. They in turn feed into the 12 Goal 8 targets. Everything can be connected without creating a mountain of bureaucracy or additional work.

The Theme Level Framework

At the Theme level we identify the challenges that the dynamics present, at the strategy level we make the decision on which challenges we are tackling and how we intend to address them.

“Through each strategic framework we will be able to keep track of what we are solving and where we expect to see results. Below this framework will be the detail that any group is working on…”

The framework itself acts as a ‘dashboard’ helping anyone to quickly get a sense of what is happening, who is involved and what challenges are being addressed. We will also be building a growing ‘repository’ of knowledge and tools – creating greater appreciation of what works and what resources we can draw on to address similar challenges.

A consistent approach to each theme

Each Theme is supported by its own Theme Framework (below). The configuration (structure) of each Theme framework is exactly the same.

The variability is in the content.

– It Contains the Context & Insights, The Playing Field, The Vision & Aim, The Strategies & Tactics From The Frameworks Above, The Evidence Of Success and the Outcomes:


Each theme has a close relationship with the 12 goal targets – some more than others.

For example Theme 3 (above) relates to targets 8.7 (Eradicate Modern Day Slavery) and 8.8 (Protect Labour Rights). Mapping these relationship helps us to explore the most significant dynamics that we need to take into account in any initiative or intervention.

If we can get deep into the context of that theme we can spot the biggest influences on trends, behaviours, drivers and motivations. This will help us to shape the right responses and to understand possible implications and consequences of any decisions

The theme gives us a rich contextualised landscape that allows us to fully appreciate the challenges we are taking on. From here we can shape well coordinated strategies.

Connected and coordinated execution

We are are assuming there will be multiple strategies for each theme. And within any strategy there may be multiple initiatives.


Creating A Brand


Making Our Difference Make A Difference. @JohnCaswell + @Tifferly.

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