The Global Sustainability Network

The United Nations, New York. September 28th 2016

The contribution made by everyone is enormous.

It’s laying the vital foundations for the future and, in the short term, the more formal launch of the Global Sustainability Network in Dubai in December 2016. All of this information is informing the development of a summary strategic framework — the foundations for the ongoing delivery of the aims of Goal 8 towards 2030 — a little short of 14 years from now.

We never forget that Goal 8 is but one of 17 broader goals — each of which are in some way implicated and related to everything we are doing.

We Want To See Numbers:

The Five Tracks

Put very simply there have been 5 tracks to the work undertaken in 2016— Business, Government, Media, Community and Faith. We alone have met with over 200 people, instititions and initiatives passionate about doing something meaningful.


Cutting through these are multiple themes that relate to the many dimensions of Goal 8 —a complex terrain where there are many different but highly interconnected agendas to focus on.

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How Did We Get Here?

A Quick Recap On The Story So Far

1. LAMBETH PALACE — Leading Up To The Vatican Forum

Under the leadership of Pope Francis, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences organized a Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders signed on 2 December 2014. This was followed by the Recommendations that came out of its April 2015 Plenary Session on Human Trafficking: Issues beyond Criminalization

A Strategic Planning Session was held at Lambeth Palace 14 December 2015 — hosted by the Church of England in conjunction with the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and Mr. Raza Jafar — here the mandate was broadened to include global sustainability and recognize the significance of Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato si’ which spells out the relationship between the two emergencies of climate change and modern slavery.

In synergy with these efforts of the religious leaders and the Encyclical Laudato si’, the United Nations recently implemented the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including Goal 8. These Global Goals are now a moral imperative for the 193 UN member states.

This Link Takes You To The Detail Behind This Meeting:

It’s powerful to define all progress as opportunities turned into achievements over time. And that’s certainly what this year (2016) has been all about. A layering of insight, learning and extension of understanding and community.

2. THE VATICAN SESSIONS — The next gathering took place on March 18th at Casina Pio 1V In The Vatican City in Rome.

Five Themes Emerged

1. We Need To Unify To Succeed — We need collaboration not competition. Our focus must be on the UN’s SDG Goal 8. We need to design a systemic business plan on unlimited growth — using solutions that already exist — we need a genuine coalition of the right people for this to happen.

2. A Strategy Built On Clarity & Coherence — We need to identify clear priorities. We should not try and reinvent the wheel — we need to create a place where everything can be listed, shared and working together in collaboration.

3. A Central Hub — A fixed place where we can join all the dots — we can learn from each other. Transparency must be at the core and we need accurate data as a result — what is happening and who is doing what to whom.

4. Systemic Thinking — We need to take a holistic approach to the problem. We have to see this as ‘our’ problem — not ‘their’ problem — it takes two to tango (developed world versus the developing world).

5. Focus. Focus. Focus — Tactically and strategically we need to focus on a core issue — one that we can focus on and show how it implicates everything. We need absolute clarity of that mission and we need to measure progress.

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3. WESTMINSTER ABBEY — London. 21st May 2016. The Network Grows

The day we spent at Westminster Abbey was focused on Business & Government. The conversations were a further opportunity to explore what we all want to achieve and how we move to actions.

As with the previous meetings, the room was full of people with a passion to end slavery and human trafficking and to play a part in the broader remit of Goal 8.

“The room was packed full of people with very specific expertise, some already developing ideas for initiatives, some with initiatives already launched.”

Coming up with ideas is never likely to be a problem. Connecting and Integrating them — making sure they are the right ones — making them even stronger than they would be as independent solutions — that’s always the more important challenge.

This Link Takes You To The Detail Behind This Meeting:

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