The GSN Strategic Focus

The Work – 2015 – 2016

The 6th December Palazzo Versace

The Summary Of The Work At Tables

The Faith Focus

To unite the followers of all the major religions. Encouraging everyone to rally round a common narrative. Invited through campaigns and inter-faith workshops and as a result create the critical conversations – the ones that raise awareness and deepen understanding.

The Media Focus

Use the power of media in all its forms to raise the profile of key topics. Use the media of today to reach people from all generations. Express and expose the real facts providing the ‘platform’ for others to take a stand and to ensure that their voice is heard.

The Business and Government Focus

From each perspective – create the enablers and mechanisms that drive changes in practices and behaviours. Develop policies that will result in the right changes - backing them up with effective control systems to ensure they deliver.

The Community Focus

Create greater coherence across the non profit sector by connecting up more initiatives. Making it much easier and more effective to collaborate. Ensure donors and supporters are equipped with the right facts to make their investment pay dividends

Explaining The Initial Refinement & Detail

The Faith Team Started The Read Outs:

  • Faith leaders initiated this process – the one that we are now all a part of. Faith is the one force that can really unite people across the globe to make the changes we are seeking.
  • It is the most potent force to mobilize vast swathes of the community by educating them.
  • To utilize this force, we need to build on the spirit of the 2014 Interfaith Declaration Against Modern Day Slavery. We need to promote a single voice, single narrative for all religions to openly communicate with their followers on the issue of slavery and human trafficking.
  • This can be achieved by creating platforms and holding workshops that will bring faith leaders, but also followers, together to create awareness and take initiatives.


What can media do to optimise the impact and efficiency of Goal 8?

Its ubiquitous role is to Promote, Highlight and Inform

  • Media can promote by amplifying the voices and stories of the youth and the survivors of slavery. These are the voices that really need to be heard.
  • In addition, Media can promote initiatives by giving them a platform to disseminate their messages and ideas.
  • All media platforms, especially the modern media platforms need to be utilised to give youth a voice, but also to reach out and educate.
  • Modern tools and technology exist to make the messages and stories measurable and measure their impact. These should be utilised.
  • Media should focus on revealing and promoting the truth tellers. This could be done by, for example, implementing a scoring system for media truth tellers based on ethics, morals and transparency.
  • Utilise celebrity advocates to get the message across to their followers.
  • Create a quick win by producing a documentary film, which could materially contribute to awareness about the issues. We have seen this with Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, which propelled climate change to the top of the agenda.


Develop Effective Policies

Clearly Governments have to set effective policies.

  • One idea in respect of modern day slavery, is to pass or amend laws and introduce the subject matter into corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. For example, ensuring transparency and enforcement by requiring disclosures by public companies to their shareholders about what they are doing about avoiding slavery. Make market forces work for the cause. Many companies are voluntarily adopting the UK Modern Day Slavery Act such as Emirates Airlines. So the same law/framework could be implemented in other countries.

Set New Standards

We have to set new standards by:

  • Harmonizing the ethics, policies & procedures across industries on the basis of science, not opinion

Create Mechanisms

  • A lot of ideas have been developed in respect of mechanisms to deliver the goals
  • Developing an accreditation for supply chain auditing
  • Approaching other accounting organisations globally as well as International Standards Organisation in respect of ISO certifications.
  • The GSN, through a platform of reporting standards, could become a voluntary reporting standard.
  • Changing business education by instilling social responsibility into every aspect.
  • Promoting sustainable consumption patterns lessons is school curriculum

Change Reward Systems

  • Encourage new behaviours and practices – especially in objectives and performance reviews.
  • Create an annual GSN leadership and award module such as the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Prize.
  • Create a rotary club type of organisation on a local level to meet and create initiatives in respect of Goal 8.
  • Support the Freedom Seal to become the seal of choice for companies wanting to promote slavery free products
  • Create a business rating app based on ethical practices, using same concept as TripAdvisor monitoring.

Monitor Compliance

  • Create a global Goal 8 Index, where countries are ranked in respect of their achieving of Goal 8.

Enforce Accountability

  • Introduce legislation which establish an implied warranty that goods or services are slave free: If at any point in supply chain contains products knowingly or with reckless disregard made by slavery, the purchaser would not have to pay for the product.


  • Increase collaboration by creating a market between funders and initiatives, where donors are properly educated and initiatives are result focused
  • Ensure that we build a ‘map' of the GSN to better identify the actors, their initiatives and how we can work together.
  • Create a financial index of companies based upon their compliance and commitment to transparency in their supply chain and to end modern day slavery.
  • Promote World Slavery Day; July 30th


  • Develop a stance on chosen topics
  • Build Youth Ambassadors
  • Create a more accurate picture of the realities
  • Give victims a voice
  • Guide followers down a common pathway of values and beliefs
  • Use influence to open doors
  • Change motivations

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