I can target YOU!

Did you know it is possible to literally target somebody visiting a Starbucks next to your office, just by using Facebook ads? Using a GEO location in your ads is not only a “cool feature”, it can literally connect you to your target audience around you at that very moment. Let me give you a real-life example of how I did this for one of my clients.

One of our clients was doing a 3-day trade show. One which was actually designed for “networking” and doing some sales. We desided to go all in on that show for a couple of days leading up to the actual event. We noticed a few things: 1. It’s great for first contact as it’s directly face-to-face 2. There will only be B2B people, so 100% potential customers for our client 3. The organisation had indicated that previous studies show 75% is a “decision maker” We concluded that there are a LOT of potential new customers for our client. Only thing we had to do…..get them to the stand!

GEO targeting 
We had a few campaignes going to get traffic to the stand. First off we made a landing page and an e-mail campaign connected to each other with a small incentive to get people to the stand. We then decided to use GEO targetting. For whom it may concern and had not yet heared of it…it’s a feature in Facebook ads allowing you to target a specific location based on street/zipcode etc.

GEO targeting — image by Sam Schubert.

We looked up the specific location of the building in which the tradeshow was to be held. We then made an ad saying: — Location: Street + no. (1 km surrounding, everyone in this location) (to make sure we only show this ad to people who are physically there at that point in time) — Age: 23–58 (most likely to be working at those companies) — Gender: all We then set the campaign to run from day 1 — day 3 and only set the times the tradeshow was actually ongoing (14:00h — 22:00h). As this ad was purely based on getting people who were already in our location to visit a certain stand, we just needed to target who was there at the times they were supposed to be there.

Simple yet effective 
This “trick” was super simple, but highly effective. For this goal it was perfect, but I would personally suggest to aways look for ways fit to your goal. Our client got 50% more visits at their stand compared to last year (with an equal amount of total visitors) and many were telling them “we don’t even follow you guys on Facebook, how did we get to see your ad?”. Used in the right way, GEO targeting is a very powerful tool. Imagine if you could target all employees of just one particular company. Or everybody living in one certain street or town. Imagine only targeting people at their workplace, to be sure you only get professionals who work in your target location rather than everybody living there (and being totally unrelated).

How would you put GEO targetting to use?