Leadfeeder or Lead Forensics: Which Tool is Better for Identifying Website Visitors and Lead Generation?

All businesses have the same goal. They want to increase their bottom line. One of the most important ways to increase sales is to generate leads by knowing who is coming to your website, identifying where they are coming from, and nurturing those leads in the right way to close deals.

It takes a lot of time to manually research and follow-up on leads. According to a study by Salesforce, B2B sales reps spend 21% of their time doing lead research. Rather than requiring your sales team to spend their time manually working leads, automating the lead qualification process with lead generation software will save your team time and money.

Choosing the right tool for your company will depend upon your specific business needs. Two popular lead generation tools are Leadfeeder and Lead Forensics. Which one will work best for your company?

The reviews below are a compilation of other peoples’ feedback of both Leadfeeder and Lead Forensics. We use Leadfeeder and have never tested out Lead Forensics.

Leadfeeder Features

Leadfeeder provides insights into who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, and which pages they are landing on. It even works if a visitor doesn’t leave their contact information.

By integrating with Google Analytics, you will also be able to identify the contact information for the employees who work at that company. Leadfeeder is rated #1 in the Google Analytics Partner Gallery.

  • Provides internal workflow tools to assist sales teams in assigning leads
  • Identifies prospects that come to your website via anonymous IP tracking
  • 1-click setup process with Google Analytics integration without requiring the installation of any scripts
  • No annual contract required
  • Automatic visitor identification and lead scoring
  • Unlimited users
  • Enables users to close deals in just a few weeks
  • Email alerts
  • Price starts at $59/Month
  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • Page tracking
  • Integrates with MailChimp, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, Web CRM, Zapier, and MS Dynamics

Leadfeeder Pros

  • Emails are relevant
  • Offers a simple solution to identify who is visiting your website and what they are looking for
  • It connects to LinkedIn
  • Integrates with other email programs
  • Great customer service
  • Custom lists help separate contacts for different locations
  • Allows users to quickly see if a sales prospect returns to their website after a demo
  • Assists in coordination between communications and marketing departments with the sales team
  • Reviewers report the software is intuitive and doesn’t require much training
  • Identify the best quality leads by creating simple custom feeds
  • Data for 30 days is backfilled during the trial period

Leadfeeder Cons

  • At times, the data about when companies visited a website is delayed
  • Some of the alerting features could be improved
  • Can’t see percentages of the top companies that visit your site
  • Although integrations are synced on a daily basis, you have to push manual updates if you want it to be more frequent
  • There could be more available integrations
  • Sorting and exporting options could be better

Reviewers in general really like Leadfeeder. One reports “We haven’t found anything we dislike yet…It works really well”.

Lead Forensics Features

Lead Forensics is a lead generation tool used to identify leads coming from anonymous web traffic. It will provide you with important information about those leads such as phone numbers and email addresses, as well as detailed analysis of each visit.

With Lead Forensics, you will instantly have access to important data about leads and contacts that match the profile of your target market.

  • Simple product implementation
  • Page tracking
  • Yearly contract
  • Auto-assign leads
  • Automatic visitor identification and lead scoring
  • Email alerts
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft, and Dynamics
  • Lead score on multiple criteria
  • Trigger instant notifications
  • Free trial
  • Simple set-up

Lead Forensics Pros

  • The product is simple to implement and use
  • Provides good benefits if you are targeting small companies
  • Gives you the ability to drill-down to specific pages seen by your website visitors
  • Provides valuable triggers based on page visits and other company properties for emails and flagging
  • Delivers email alerts about important activity even when not logged in
  • Helps you understand who is looking at your content and website
  • Efficient visitor segmentation
  • Ability to see who is visiting your site in real-time

Lead Forensics Cons According to Reviewers

There is no doubt that your company will benefit tremendously from a lead generation tool. It is up to each business owner to evaluate which tool would work best for their company to increase sales.