It’s working! (Day 6)

So today’s meditation lesson was about concentrating on scanning, the part where you notice any strong sensations in your body. If they’re nice sensations then great but what about if they are uncomfortable — what happens when you try to give up that sensation?

For me, if I focus on the pain it gets stronger and it’s only when I start counting my breaths that it goes away as my mind is focusing on something else.

Also, today those butterflies came back but I don’t know why? It’s makes me wonder if perhaps it’s my anxiety getting weaker? The sensation was almost unbearable though someone was tickling me.

Andy told me not to resist it, it’s the body’s way of dealing with that emotion, but I don’t know why I feel like that? Perhaps a question to ask — I’ll let you know if I hear back.

Since I’ve started meditating I really have noticed my anxiety levels dropping, does it really only take a few days for the body to start to feel better if you give the areas that need a little bit of love just that?

Let the journey continue…

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