Parties, Work and Meditation

It had been a busy morning running around getting my son ready for his friend’s 2nd birthday party and once we got back I had to get focused on my workload. I’m also currently studying so the late nights are starting to take there toll.

I decided perhaps it would be best to start meditating now before starting work properly. I could feel the pain in my back and ankle, perhaps strains from the gym but I generally don’t notice any pain until I sit down and meditate. That’s the great thing about meditating it really does make you focus in on your body. It points out areas which you perhaps need to concentrate on.

As I went through the process my body felt very heavy,
particularly my head and I could feel the energy in my body, it
felt like a buzzy feeling like my body was vibrating. The sounds
I noticed tended to be in the distance almost like white noise.

Was I drifting, almost falling asleep? Or was it the energy pounding through my body knowing how much work I had to do in a small amount of time? Anxiety perhaps? I’m not sure but whatever it was by the time my 10 minutes had finished I was ready to get on with the rest of my day.

I’m starting to really like meditating, I’m not sure I could do it on my own and I still need guidance; I think that’s why I like Headspace so much.

Until tomorrow….

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