Learn from the Best, or Fail like the Rest

Super ‘unicorn’ startups didn’t get to where they are by luck. They understood growth.Super ‘unicorn’ startups don’t get to where they are by luck. They understood growth, and the process required to achieve it.

If you’re into tech and startups, you know that unicorns like Airbnb and Uber shot into superstartup-dom because they applied an experiment and process driven approach to startup marketing a-k-a growth hacking. Sometimes the success of Silicon Valley may seem out of reach, or even impossible in our region. It might be because those guys in the Bay have the opportunity to learn and gain experience from the many thousands of wannabe startups that run through their golden gates every year. Or maybe their proximity to awesome companies and networking events have lent them some sort of startup chutzpah that we are not privy to. Whatever it is, it may seem like San Francisco pwns South East Asia in tech and startups any day.

That is not true.

The Asian market is emerging from the ashes of the global startup boom, and there is an insane amount of potential bubbling under the unavoidable rabble of wantrepreneurs. South East Asian startups that have emerged in recent years have shown us that localised innovation and a better understanding of their home-ground have led local startups to greater heights than any expansion office from Silicon Valley.

We have our own success stories

Heard of Pirate3D? Carousell?

What about Grab?

Pirate3D raised a record-smashing $1.4M on Kickstarter in twenty-four hours. Although it ran into some issues when it came to hardware production, the vision for the product and insane results are testament to the power of virality. Carousell started in 2012, and has managed to wrest market share from P2P e-commerce strongholds like eBay with 35 million listings on the platform — oh, and they just raised $35M to expand even further. Grab, South East Asia’s challenge to Uber, has grown to 3.8 million users despite launching a year after Uber, and is about to raise $1B. Heartening news especially since Uber has just been ejected from China.

All of these startups knew exactly what they needed to do to grow. Their teams were constantly tweaking their product and running thousands of experiments before hitting the big one(s) that would catapult them to where they are now.

It wasn’t easy to get to where they are, but by understanding and following the growth process, they made it happen.

How do we get there?

Customer acquisition guru Neil Patel was spot on when he said, “The truth is that you cannot dedicate your marketing resources on a bunch of growth hacks you read in an article. There isn’t a blueprint or a checklist that you’ll find, even in the deep corners of the internet.”

To get to where you want to be, you need to equip yourselves and your teams with the right skills and mindset to grow your business.

We understand that not everyone has equal opportunities, nor do they have the access to the right advisors to help you along the way, which is why we’ve brought in the best entrepreneurs and marketers in the region to coach and mentor at our bootcamps. Apart from our in-house growth hackers, who lead growth consulting projects for startups and SMEs, we’ve also roped in trainers and mentors from TradeGecko (SG), Pirate3D (SG), Bridestory (Indonesia), Lazada (Indonesia), Mindvalley (MY) and Wedding.com (MY).

Our participants are categorized into smaller groups based on their verticals and business models and paired up with mentors with the relevant skills and experience

In between mentoring sessions, we organise speaking and networking events with experts from super-startups like WeWork, Grab and Redmart. Learning from their experiences and mistakes across various topics such as user experience, product management and growth in general have proven to be incredibly useful to our bootcamp and event attendees.

A speaking session we moderated with WeWork and Grab provided our invited guests and bootcamp participants with immediately actionable growth tips

Want to find out more?

So if you think you’re ready for growth, you’re not alone. Use the code ‘SHOWMEGROWTH’ for 15% off any of our upcoming bootcamps in Singapore (19 Sept-10 Nov) and Malaysia (3–7 Oct).

We’re looking forward to meeting you and hacking your startup growth together!

Our participants were raring to start the execution process after our training sessions

Any questions about the bootcamp or how Growth Hacking Asia can help you? Shoot me an email or tweet me!

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