Weekly Summary #1: 25 April — 29 April’ 2016

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Tue, 26 Apr — User ID Tracking on Google Analytics

You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics. No, wait. You’ve probably used Google Analytics. It’s by no means an easy tool to use and we’d totally understand if you didn’t know that you could track user activity at the individual level with it; with User ID Tracking, you can!

Some real-life applications of this powerful feature in Google Analytics includes:

  1. Tracking what products have been viewed by a certain user and use that information to offer targeted deals
  2. Identifying the topics a user is interested in order to showcase more relevant content
  3. Analyzing specific user journeys and using that data to optimize your website
  4. Provide tailored help to individual users based on their user behavior

Here’s the full illustrative guide.

Wed, 27 Apr — Start a Creative Twitter Campaign!

Digital marketers often look at successful brands and wonder how they created viral campaigns that were not only able to build awareness, but also capture their audience’s hearts.

If you want to take your Twitter marketing campaigns to the next level, look no further! Here are the key insights from 7 of the most creative Twitter campaigns:

  1. Humanize the experience by making it interactive
  2. Get your audience involved
  3. Make it easy for your audience to communicate with you
  4. Revolve it around your audience’s needs
  5. Timing is key, take advantage of it
  6. Add a personal touch, such as by remembering holidays
  7. Feature influencers as part of your campaigns

Here’s the full article.

Thu, 28 Apr — Growth Hacking: What You Need To Know

Growth Hacking, with all the hype around it, has been termed a buzzword. But it works. Given, it isn’t a shortcut, nor some magic formula for success. It’s a framework that you should adopt if you’re looking for growth!

So what are the 4 key areas you should work on if you want growth? You should:

  1. Understand your target audience and the pain points that they face
  2. Know what they are looking for so you can better tailor your product to solve their problems
  3. Capture their hearts with a product that exceeds their expectations
  4. Lastly, measure, learn and optimize

Here’s the full article.

Fri, 29 Apr — Your How-To Guide on Building Killer Pre-Launch Landing Pages

Are you a startup at the ideation stage? Or are you looking to launch an awesome new product?

If you are, don’t underestimate the importance of a pre-launch strategy! It will generate the much-needed buzz and excitement your startup needs for a successful launch.

This is what you need for a killer pre-launch landing page:

  1. Make it visual, or even interactive
  2. Have simple yet effective designs
  3. Ensure that it’s easy to navigate
  4. Describe your product clearly and in a way that’s simple to understand
  5. Lastly, check that your Call-To-Action (CTA) button is compelling!

Here’s the full article.

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