How To Create Wealth Through Real Estate With Brad Winget

2 min readApr 5, 2022


A lot of people are good at one thing or another. Brad has learned multiple key elements of all facets of his business in Real Estate, Mortgage and Finance, Credit Building and Repair, Home Flipping, Home and Land Development, Construction and Floor Plans, Remodeling and Home Improvement, Property Management, and Vacation Rentals. With all this experience and the desire he had to hold multiple licenses in all these fields, Brad has been able to gain more experience than most and have multiple streams of income through diverse yet complementary businesses. He has a great reputation in his field, as he has been doing all these things for a very long time and has always cared about relationships and doing the right thing vs. what’s best for his pocketbook.

His key to success

Hard work, discipline, and being in the same business since graduating from college in 1998 has contributed to Brad’s success. The same attributes that helped him become one of the top 1% in baseball have also applied to his impressive real estate career. He has worked harder and longer than anyone he knows in his industry. Brad has learned multiple facets of the industry and holds multiple licenses, allowing him to take many educated risks and employ hundreds of people over his 25-year career. He is quick to pivot when he encounters change and he doesn’t make excuses-he just does whatever it takes to succeed. He also has incredible friends and mentors and has learned so much through all his successes and failures.

Some tips on creating wealth through real estate

Don’t rush it — take your time to do it right. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, because it’s not how fast you start the race but how you finish. The steady horse wins the race, and your only competition is against yourself. Invest in learning, growing, reading, and avoiding all the problems and pitfalls you can by learning from the mistakes of others. Learn about credit and how to build and maintain perfect credit. Learn how money works and how to best invest it and protect it. Meet with an asset protection attorney so you can fire-block your assets as they grow and protect them from everyone else who may want to take what you have earned. Making a lot of money is just as hard as keeping it, so learn to preserve and protect it.