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A tiny radio program and podcast designed to share stories about birds, the environment and more was launched twelve years ago. Its listenership grown beyond anyone’s wildest dreams

by GrrlScientist for Forbes | @GrrlScientist

BirdNote Radio Logo, courtesy of BirdNote.

Twelve years ago, BirdNote Radio was born in Seattle.

Inspired by Earth & Sky, a 90-second radio show about astronomy and geosciences that many of us listened on our local NPR affiliates, BirdNote is a 2-minute daily radio show that was created by Chris Peterson, who was director of the Seattle Audubon Society at the time. Later, BirdNote spun off into its own nonprofit organisation with Peterson is its executive director.

“The idea grabbed me and never let go,” Peterson said.

BirdNote first aired on 21 February 2005 on KPLU radio in Seattle (now KNKX). From such humble beginnings, Birdnote grew: as of 2015, the show airs on more than 200 radio stations throughout the United States, Canada and The Philippines and is heard by an estimated 1.7 million listeners annually.

Although each show is just a bite-sized nugget of information, Birdnote fills a unique niche on the airwaves. By advocating for birds and for the environment, BirdNote uses birds as the vehicle to bridge the gap between people with differing viewpoints on the environment, and on the sciences. In doing so, its listeners become better informed about the environment and are inspired to learn more about the natural world.

Perhaps the most important outcome of the BirdNote project has been that, in a recent survey, listeners said tuning in to this program made them more likely to advocate for protection of bird and wildlife habitats, to support bird-related and environmental non-profits, to incorporate native plants into their gardens, and to become more mindful consumers.

To celebrate their 12th birdday, the staff and producers of BirdNote created a little video so you can go behind the scenes with them to meet the cast and some of their fans who love the show:

BirdNote Radio can also be found on twitter @BirdNoteRadio

Additional Information:

BirdNote Annual Report 2015

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Originally published at Forbes on 21 February 2017.

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