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This short blog post explains how to add a newsletter to…

  1. Great product is the single best marketing channel.
  2. Quickly launch the most basic version of your product.
  3. Your one-liner must be crystal clear.
  4. People want to instantly try out your product.
  5. Choose the right day of week.

Last Friday, we launched I T E M S Y on Product…

Came for the data, stayed for the Excel

The Excel-Email mess

Spreadsheets have become a natural for every BI, accounting or data management tool. …

Marketplace feedback loop

Let’s say we want to estimate the effect of spending $1,000 on supplier acquisition. That will result in some change…

It always starts with an interesting problem.

Many people give blockchain technology too much credit. Many give it too little credit. I believe that is at least partly due to there being a confusion as to what it is that we can do now that we couldn’t without blockchain.

Blockchain confusion Venn diagram

Results of collaboration with Ocean Protocol

It’s fair to say that nowadays there is increasing interest in systems that coordinate behaviour and build trust by setting for users.

How do you design such a system? How do you reward and penalise users such that their is to be honest, reliable, unbiased and…

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