Pre-Sale Guide📖

Sleep is not an existing concept here at the GrubSwap kitchen☕. We’ve been working around the clock, trying our hardest to deliver everything in time for our beloved supporters. :-)

Security is our main focus so we’re constantly testing all of our contracts to make sure that everything is locked and loaded for launch.

Quick Updates😊:

  • Telegram launched —
  • Twitter launched —
  • Contracts (Grub + Pre-Sale) are under constant testing to ensure their safety and proper execution
  • Pre-sale is ready to go!
  • Front-end is live for your viewing pleasure!
  • We’re having a blast!

Common Pre-Sale Questions 🤔

How much is $GRUB gonna cost? 🍜

One of the most common questions we get every single day is about the price of the token at launch, so we’ll try to make everything clear here. The presale listing price will be 1 BNB = 40 GRUB.

Max Buying Limit 💰

Our initial plan was to allow our members to purchase a maximum of 10 BNB worth of GRUB during the presale. Feedback has shown concerns about the figure, it might make it easy for a small group of people to secure all of the presale tokens in very few minutes, and that a lot of our dedicated members will be left out of the presale after waiting patiently for so long.

We heard the feedback and decided to make a change to ensure that most of our early users have the chance to join the presale. The new maximum purchase number has now changed to 3.5 BNB. This will also help us have a more diversified user base at launch, which is always great.

How does the Presale work? 💸

We’ve decided to do the presale in the most inconvenient way possible for us, by having our own presale interface on our platform. It has definitely been harder to bring into existence rather than just using a third party app or the BSC Contract, but we hope that it’ll make our users more satisfied and fit well into our platform ecosystem.

It also doesn’t hurt that we can personalize the interface styling and make it look a little less boring than other platforms. :)

We’ve noticed that a lot of scams have been managed through third party presale platforms, and while the platforms themselves are fine, they do have a negative connotation that we would prefer to stray away from. That’s why we’ve put extra work into making our own presale platform.

Some important details for everyone that wants to join the presale:

  • The presale will last 24 hours and it will start on 11/01/2022
  • The max buying limit per user is 3.5 BNB
  • In case our GRUB doesn’t sell out during the presale, the remaining GRUB will be burned 🔥

Pre-sale Contract

Grub Token:

GrubSwap Pre-Sale :

Pre-sale Info😊

Here is some of the general pre-sale information you should know:

Softcap: 250 BNB

Hardcap: 500 BNB

Individual Purchase Limit: 3.5 BNB

Presale Token Cost: 1 BNB = 40 GRUB

Presale Duration: 72 hrs

Pre-sale Guide📚

This article is mainly going to be an overview and step by step explanation of our pre-sale page, hosted on our own platform. We’ve tried to make it as intuitive as possible for both experienced Defi users and newcomers. In our opinion anyone that has previously participated in a pre-sale will feel at home.

Wallet Connection🛒

This is will be the wallet connection, found at the top right of our pre-sale page. It will allow you to easily connect your BSC or Metamask wallet to GrubSwap to purchase the GRUB token.

Main Interface💻

Once you’re connected you can navigate the pre-sale interface and use it to purchase GRUB.

The interface features:

Fixed Swap Ratio

The amount of GRUB tokens you can purchase with 1 BNB. In the GrubSwap pre-sale you’ll be able to purchase 40 GRUB with 1 BNB.

Maximum Allocation per Wallet

The maximum amount of BNB an individual can exchange for $GRUB during the pre-sale. In our case each user can purchase a maximum of 3,5 BNB worth of GRUB.

Bid Amount

This is where you pick the amount of BNB you want to exchange for $GRUB.

Purchase Button

The purchase button will initiate the acquisition of your GRUB tokens. You’ll have to confirm it through your BSC or Metamask wallet before it’s finalized through a few pop ups. Make sure you check the BSCScan transaction afterwards, it will show you if your transaction went well. Also this will be your safe haven for all of your BSC transactions, whether you’re buying GRUB or any other Yield Farming Token. This is where information is not altered by anyone.

This is the type of notification you’ll see on BSCScan if everything went through perfectly.

This is the type of notification you’ll see on BSCScan if there was an error.


After these steps the tokens will be in your wallet. Now you can lay back in your chair and watch the pre-sale unfold, and wait for the farms to open once everything is over.



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