Bubble & Squeak!

I was lucky enough to visit Old Oak Primary School the other week. They had a launch event for their crowdfunding campaign. The ‘food waste warrior’ kids are raising funds so they can buy a storage container. They are storing so much food, that they need more space to continue to fight the good fight!

£4,500 is their target, and the crowdfunding ends on the 23rd May

The school collaborated with their local Old Oak Community Centre next door. At the local markets, the children discovered the quantity of surplus food there was at the end of the day. As the project grew, everybody works hard to collect the food from local businesses. City Harvest London helps to deliver some food to the school also. They opened a stall in the playground with a ‘pay as you feel’ ethos. They have even won ‘Best Eco Business’ award from Business Launch Pad.

‘The children of East Acton live in one of the 10% most deprived areas in London. With more children at school on free school meals than those who aren’t, high levels of unemployment and equally high levels of obesity, The children felt that something had to be done and they could only make a difference if they take part in the change themselves. They thought if they could receive fruit & veg donations and sell at a low cost to families locally they would play their part.’ — Bubble & Squeak

I was incredibly happy to see their passion for their project. They had set up different information boards with lots of colours and good facts.

The children were very helpful showing visitors around and discussing their project. The stall was set up in the hall as well, they sell surplus foods every week.

On the side there was a stall set up with vegetables, strawberry potted plants, cans and fruits.

Some drinks and canapés. Frittata on the right, it was very tasty!

They were also some snacks on offer, that the children had helped cook up, all made from surplus food of course.

Sharing the canapés. Thank you!

Later in the day, there was a presentation from the children and Feedback.

‘Giving children living in a deprived part of London to play a part at improving their lives and their futures. Encouraging others to lead healthy life style. Encouraging a community wide -healthy lifestyle -approach and initiative. Reducing food waste and ensuring children think about the part they play in sustaining our environment and understand the importance of reducing food waste.’ — Bubble & Squeak

It was a privilege to meet you all, and we hope the crowdfunding goes very well! They have almost reached their target! The deadline is 23rd May, so there is still time to help them on their crowdfunding page.

Bubble & Squeak tote bag that was filled with surplus food goodies!