Good Carb Bad Carb

Be wary of the advice to not eat carbs. Carbs are very essential for the body and the carbs we eat are made usable as energy by the digestive system. So here are 5 things to know about what carbs to eat.

1.If you aim to lose weight, eat most of the carbs early in the day
When you are the most active. The carbs that are not used as energy lead to body fat and hence diabetes and other cardiovascular disease.

2.Simple and complex carbs
Simply put, simple carbs(eg: table sugar, Candy) are easily digested and converted to energy while complex carbs (Whole grain breads, Peas, Lentils) take longer time — hence keeping you full for a longer period of time — and means that you avoid the hunger and lethargy that comes after a quick spike in blood sugar brought on by digesting simple carbs

3.Identifying complex carbs
Simply look for fiber content of atleast 5 grams for serving

4.Know how processed your carbs are
The less processed the carbohydrate, the better it is for you. in addition to lacking the nutrients and fiber present in whole grains, processed food products are more calorically dense and much easier to overeat.

5.Don’t go ham trying to eat only the “best” carbs
For eg: Shifting to whole grain bread instead of a complete no to bread is definitely a better start

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