10 Writing Steps For Budding Writers

Writing steps

I’ve always said this: “Writing is not a single activity but a collection of activities. It is a process with steps”

It is for this reason that approaching it step by step is a great way to succeeding at it.

In today’s post, I distill all these activities into 10 Steps. If you’ve ever needed a step by step blueprint to writing your pieces, then you’ve got it.

Writing Steps

1. Writing starts with a decision. Yes, taking the decision to write is very important. It gives you focus and direction. It is one of the two major things that writing entails.
 2. Then you find an idea. The ideation process is the most important step in the writing process. You can do this via effective brainstorming.
 3. Ensure that you CAPTURE the ideas by journaling.
 4. Then conduct some research about the idea in order to make you more knowledgeable. Smart writers use epic research techniques to bolster their content.
 5. Next, you draw up a detailed outline. It lists everything you want to say in the article.
 7. And write up your first draft. Don’t worry about how it looks, just get the words onto the page.
 8. I usually advise leaving the piece for some days at this stage and coming back to it with fresh eyes.
 9. And then you rewrite it.
 9. Next you edit the piece. Self-editing is okay but grossly insufficient. It’d be great if you could get a professional editor work on your piece.
 10. Now it’s time to ship it. Send it for publication, pat yourself on the back, take yourself to a steakhouse and relax. Rest, it’s Worthwhile.

What does your writing look like? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Originally published at Amoson Writes.