5 Creative Exercises to Ensure Peak Performance

Amos Gideon Buba
Feb 24, 2018 · 3 min read
Amoson Writes - Creative Exercises
Amoson Writes - Creative Exercises

We all want to do more. Break bars, invent and innovate — create.

Yes, we all want to unleash the genius in us.

Truth is: everyone is creative and our creative potential is boundless.

But: do you know that just as our physical muscles need to be exercised consistently, our creative muscles also need to be exercised?

Well, in order to ensure peak Performance and epic creativity levels, we must inculcate the habit of exercising our creative muscles.

Today I’d draw your attention to five effective creative exercises. They are:

1. Brainstorming: man is a very fortunate being having a repository of ideas and a limitless faculty of knowledge. Yes, you are always thinking. But rather unfortunate is the fact that most times we don’t follow up on our ideas. We kill them. Brainstorming as a creative exercise helps bring out ideas on your mind. This stirs up creativity in you.

2. Querying: this creative exercise involves questioning. What you agree with, you can’t change. But the moment you begin to ask questions like: “what if” and “why not”, then you will be stimulated to effect change. There’s no better way to instigating and actualising societal change than querying. This is what makes this creative exercise unique and important.

3. Reading: it doesn’t matter what you are reading. From books to blogs to magazines. Reading involves focused thinking and that is the fuel of Creativity. If you are focused, you can create. Additionally, reading widens your scope of understanding and introduces you to a wide range of new things. This can and will stir up creativity in you!

4. Listening: from music to podcasts and even live speech. Listening — effective listening helps us think, infer and decide. Thinking, inferring and decision making are all creative activities which stir up your creative energy and gives you a buoyant flow of creative juices. Want to flex your creative muscles? Consider listening!

5. Writing: this is the biggest, best and in my opinion the easiest creative exercise. Everyone who is literate can write. Writing is the best way to find out what you are thinking. It is visualised thinking. This is why what you write doesn’t have to make sense, just get it on paper. The thought mode that writing puts you in helps stretch your creative muscles in awesome ways. This is one of the reasons why I write and encourage everyone to write.

Amoson Writes - Creative Exercises
Amoson Writes - Creative Exercises

Ending Notes

Creative exercises help stir up your creative muscles and ensure that they are in the right shape for creating — inventing and innovating. Embrace them today.

Question: what other creative exercises do you use? Tell us by leaving a comment below

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