8 Deadly Sins Aspiring Artists Commit (And How to Avoid them)

From stringing sentences to brush strokes and lyrical rhythms, the work involved in creating beautiful art is boundless.
 Yes, producing works of art can be tedious.

But beyond the normal amount of work involved in the creative process, there are some behaviors that are consistent with failure among aspiring artists.
 These could lead any artist to failure Speedily and thus they’d make any recipes for failure. They make the creation process a chore taking away all the joy in it.

You need to know these behaviors so that as an upcoming artist, you can guard against them. Remember, Prevention, they say, is better than cure and Ignorance is no defense.

The 8 Failure Leading Behaviours Aspiring Artists Posses

These behaviors are:

1. Competition:

Many artists have settled for less than they are capable of simply because they got better than someone else. However, If the only person you strive to beat is your current self, there’s nothing that can stand in your way to success. Internally motivated competition, a striving to do more than you currently do is is success leading behavior. Want to fail as an artist? Compare yourself with others.

2. Zero Targets

The best way to fail is to have no targets. When you don’t have well defined goals, your focus is easily stolen, you lose your drive and fall. On the other hand, having predefined targets helps fend off distraction, motivate you to push further and lead to ultimate success. Need to succeed as an artist? First define your targets. Have a success definition.

3. Never hesitate to act:

“You can’t plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind.” Gordon B. Hinckley

There’s something attractive about waiting. It makes you seem to get more, do more. But here’s the thing, waiting can easily turn into stalling, lingering and lagging. Besides it keeps you in the reactive mode as against the proactive one which gives you the opportunity to dictate how the game is played. Never hesitate to take action. Else your art career will experience a nose dive.

4. Waiting for permission:

The world used to be a very closed circle made up of leaders who made decisions on behalf of the rest of the society. They (as publishers) choose what and who is read, what and whose music is heard (as gatekeepers to the music industry) among others. Today most of that is gone. Today you can make an impact on others no matter who you are or what someone thinks. Yet, many still make the mistake of waiting to be picked. Don’t wait for permission, pick yourself!

5. Ingratitude:

It’s okay to crave more. Success is an insatiable appetite. The moment you get satisfied your success stops increases. This aside you should know that ingratitude won’t make you successful. It’s an integral part of the failure blueprint. While gratitude births increase, ingratitude leads to selfish ambitions, greed and ultimately failure. You should be content with what you have, where you are, this is not saying you shouldn’t strive for more but your motivation shouldn’t be ingratitude. Be grateful!

6. Downplaying Waste:

Life is not a giant whole. It is an accumulation of moments. Hence, every single one counts. Many people make the mistake of downplaying waste. They think because something is small, it doesn’t matter. Successful people on the other hand know how important every moment is thus they never downplay wasted ones. They take responsibility for it making amends as necessary. Small moments of waste if left unchecked would lead to a lot of waste. Don’t downplay waste. Never!

7. Not Tracking Growth:

The only way to get better is by doing better. But how do you know what to improve if you are not tracking your progress? I see a lot of people make this mistake. They think they can increase by merely doing more. But growth shouldn’t be arbitrary. It should be well tracked. That way it can be effectively improved. Want to make real progress? Measure your progress!

8. Hiding Their Creations:

many upcoming artists are in the habit of hiding their creations. This is the deadliest of all the sins aspiring artists commit. Public Practice is your surefire ticket to reducing the learning curve, getting better and better everyday. Want to fail as an artist? Never show your work to anyone!

Ending Notes

Creating beautiful art is more of the fruit of choices made than sheer luck. Many aspiring artists fail because they use the recipe for failure in their daily lives.

To succeed you must flee from these behaviors and work on their opposites.
 Want to be a great artist? Flee these behaviours.

Originally published at Amoson Writes.