8 Indicators that Show you are Progressing On the Right Track

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” — Dr. Seuss

Progress! This little seven letter word is what what we all crave.

Truth is: as you journey through life day by day, chances are that you’d reach a point where you begin to question your progress.
 You want to know whether you are on the right track and going towards your goals.

Well, I’ve found that there are some indicators that show in your life when you’re on the right path and progressing.

1. You notice changes in your life

The very first indicator that you’re progressing is change. Whether in word, thought or actions you begin to notice slight changes in your life. Your way of thinking changes along with your perspective on life issues. You notice evolution in your life patterns.

2. Your dreams are vividly clear

The closer you get to your goals, the clearer you’d see them. This too is a sign of progress. When your dream life begin to unfold, then you know you are progressing on the right path and heading towards your goals.

3. You begin to stand up to problems

When you stop running from problems and begin to strategize means of solving them, then you know you’re on your way in the right direction. The baulk shouldn’t stop you, it should be your navigator. In the words of Ryan Holiday: “The Obstacle is the way.”

4. You put the past behind and the future ahead

When you stop lamenting about past woes and future uncertainties, then you know you are on the right track and progressing. Putting the past behind and letting the future be ahead let’s you live in the present.

5. You feel totally insecure about everything

Another indicator that you’re on the right track is self-doubt. You second-guess every decision you make and that’s a good thing because if it doesn’t carry enough risks it isn’t worth doing. Feeling insecure? Keep calm you’re on the right path.

6. Your mistakes don’t hold you down

When your mistakes don’t hold you down but are used to propel you to try again, then you’re on your way down the right path. Mistakes pin a lot of people down so if if you get past yours it’s a sign of progress.

7. You’re constantly trying new things

Nothing moves until you move. Nothing changes until it’s pushed. When you find yourself getting out there and trying new things, it is a sign of progress. By trying new things you are refusing to stay obsolete.

8. You swap your crop of friends

This is the last indicator. When you begin to notice that your crop of friends are constantly changing (some going away and others coming in), then you know that you are progressing in some track towards a goal.

Ending Notes

What progresses you are making is up to you but as far as progressing on the right path is concerned, these 8 indicators would light up your path.

Remember, evolution is necessary if you want to progress on the right track.

Originally published at Amoson Writes.