Effective Brainstorming: Your Surefire Ticket to Creative Success

You have a limitless supply of creative energy at your disposal. You can harness and use it everyday.

One good way of harnessing and utilising your creative potential is the use of creative exercises.


One of these exercises is Brainstorming.

Brainstorming is a creative exercise that involves visual thinking. It helps mine your ideas from where they originate (your mind) to where you can use them (visual world).

There are many Brainstorming techniques that you can use (and more are developed everyday). The question is: are these techniques effective? Would they work for everyone? And if they are, are they efficient?

You’d agree with me that not all Brainstorming techniques are effective.

So how do we know that a Brainstorming technique is effective?

Features of Effective Brainstorming Techniques

Here are some pointers to what an effective brainstorming technique should look like.

1. Visual: a good Brainstorming technique must be visible. The whole essence of Brainstorming is viewing what you are thinking. You must be able to see what’s on your mind.

2. Linking: an effective Brainstorming technique isn’t an end in itself. It links the problem to the solution. This way it creates a connection between your ideas and your applications of them.

3. Practicable: to effectively link problems to solutions, Brainstorming techniques must be practicable. It is a visual tool and as such you must be able to do it (practically).

4. Testable: to connect problems with solutions, Brainstorming techniques bridge the divide with ideas. These can only be approved if they’re tested and proven. This is why every effective Brainstorming technique is testable.

Man is a very fortunate being having a repository of ideas and a limitless faculty of knowledge. Yes, you are always thinking. But rather unfortunate is the fact that most times we don’t follow up on our ideas. We kill them.

Ending Notes

Brainstorming as a creative exercise helps bring out ideas on your mind, this it does by creating practicable connections between problems and solutions which are open to testing and approval. This stirs up creativity in you.

Now you know what Brainstorming is and what an effective Brainstorming technique looks like.

What are you waiting for, go, mine your ideas and create solutions to everyday problems.

Question: what other qualities of an effective Brainstorming technique do you know? Tell us by leaving a comment.

Originally published at Amoson Writes.