How to Master The Art of Finishing


Finishing An Art?

Yes, in the same way that crafts like writing, painting and singing are arts, getting to complete what you’ve started is also an art. It is a skill that can be learnt and mastered.

Here’s how:

Right from my early childhood I’d always been a big dreamer.
 I’d always tried big things.
 From trying to ride a bicycle at four, trying to paint my portrait at six and trying to write a novel at nine.
 I’ve always been a fan of great accomplishments. I always want to do exploits.
 This desire has led me to pursue many targets.
 Such that at any point in time I’d lots of work-in-progresses.
 This continued into my late teens when one day I stumbled upon a profound truth:

“It is not what you started that counts but what you see through.”

This revelation revolutionised my entire life.
 Indeed, getting to complete what you’ve started is the most important thing as far as goal attainment is concerned.
 To this end I set out to find a way to get this done.
 In this post I share what I’ve found helpful as regards the art of finishing.

Tips to Finishing

#1 Have a Target

“Begin with the end in mind” — Stephen Covey

This is a popular quote from Stephen Covey’s bestseller — 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It stresses the need to have a focus, a direction to guide your navigation. Indeed, deciding what you really want to do is vital to your success. Remember, he who is going nowhere can stop anywhere and decide it’s his destination but he who has a target sees it through.

#2 Understand Finishing

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

Next you need to understand the role that finishing is supposed to play in your Pursuit. Finishing is your victory over resistance and all other forms of distractions. It doesn’t signify perfection. The reason why you finish is so that you can get to do other things. Understanding finishing in this light helps you do more and achieve more thus increasing your effectiveness and efficiency.

#3 Take Action

“You can’t be living always in the promise of the clouds; it must rain now. Leave the talking and live by walking… It will yield an indelible impact!” — Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

To finish anything you must literary act. Taking action puts you in the driver’s seat behind the steering wheel in full control of how your life pens out. You become a product of your own decision and action. Saying is not enough, DO! Planning is not enough, ACT! Walk your talk today!

#4 Focus on the Process

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education is not; the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” — Calvin Coolidge

As long as you try to achieve anything, there would always be times when you’d feel like quitting, usually it happens after you’ve tried everything you can and you don’t seem to see a headway. At such times only persistence can keep you on track. It would surprise you to know that the point where most people give up is just before success. Focus on the process not the outcome. Remember, it is darkest just before dawn. Hold on to the end!

#5 Have incentives (Positive and Negative)

“Call it what you will, incentives are what get people to work harder.” ~ Nikita Khrushchev

This is my favourite tip. It is the most effective. I’ve reserved the best for the end. Rewards and consequences are the best medium for instigating and actualising any project. If there’s something you are trying to avoid by doing something, it would be a good motivation for you. Positive incentives also propel us to act. I always use this and it is yet to fail me.

Ending Notes

Starting is not enough you must finish. Bringing your tasks to completion is the very first step towards living the life you so earnestly desire.

How else do I wrap this up but by quoting Philip Roth who once quipped:

“The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.”

Now go and finish your tasks!

Originally published at Amoson Writes.