The Productivity Mix: The Most Effective Productivity Formula I’ve Found

 Call it a return on resource investment and you won’t be wrong.
 Indeed, we all want to do more, achieve more and get better results everyday.
 We all own a craving for task attainment and target hitting.
 The question is: how exactly do you do more?
 Some weeks ago I wrote a post titled — Finally Revealed: The Secret to Actually Doing More — in that post I draw your attention to the paradox of activity — how less is actually more. Read that up here.
 However, in this ever forward moving world, anyone who is stagnant is in fact going backwards. Hence the need to always forge ahead.
 The best way I’ve found to forging ahead is incessant improvement — constant learning.
 As always, I keep you (my dear reader) abreast with the latest that I’ve learnt in all the areas that the scope of this blog covers.
 Today’s post is an improvement on that revealed secret.
 It’s the formula I’ve found to be most effective as far as productivity is concerned (for now).

So let’s get to it.

A friend of mine who studies Mathematics once told me that there’s a formula for everything. That arithmetic can solve any problem.
 I argued against that assertion that day but over the past few weeks I’ve been made to chew my own words as this formula proves it true.

So here’s the formula:

The Productivity Mix

Increased Productivity (P) = Increased Resources [Increased Time (T) + Increased Energy (E) + Increased Other Resources (R)] + Increased Consistency ©

Simply put:

P = R(T + E + OR) + C

Here’s what all these mean:

Increased Productivity

The amount of resources you put in determines the amount of results you produce. The more you do — the more you get. This is a universal law. You can’t sow little and reap much — you sow plenty to reap plenty.

Now let’s look at the components of the Productivity Mix as I call it.

Increased Energy

Elementary Physics teaches us that we are and use energy to do all that we do. Yet, there are times when you want to do more — the motivation is there but you fall short because you lack the strength. At such times what you need is more energy. The question is where do you get that? Rest. Retreat is not surrender — it is a regrouping technique (those in the Military understand this so well). Want to get more energy? Plan to rest. This ensures you have enough strength to see to the end.

Now we turn to the components of the resources end of the mix.

Increased Time

We all have 24 hour days but some people achieve much more than others. Why? The simple answer to this question is: those high achievers have more time. But where do they get it? Truth is except you diligently and deliberately devote your available time you won’t be able to do more than you’re currently doing. Old fashioned scheduling and Action Memos have been effective for me. Another way to get more time is delegation — hand off anything that someone else can do for you. This will enable you concentrate on the core tasks.

Increased Other Resources

Time and energy are resources but they are so important to this mix that’s why I had to keep them separate. Other resources that you need include money, people and conducive environment. The question is how do you get more money to invest in your tasks? Well, let me save you the trouble — you don’t need more money. What you need is a better way of putting the amount you have into the best use. For a start, cut out all unnecessary expenses — you know them. This way you’d have more. As for people, always enlarge your network — mingle — this is the only way you get to meet the best people. Lastly, ensure you are not disturbed — take charge of your environment.


Increased Consistency

No matter how much you invest in one time bursts, people who work everyday will ultimately do more than you. This is because in the words of the Legendary actor Bruce Lee — “Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.” How much you achieve at a specific time doesn’t matter, what does is that you do something — anything. Harness the power of small actions — employ the principle of little by little.

Ending Notes

The productivity Mix, my best yet productivity model is the answer to your need for greater success at goal attainment and task achievement. Incorporate it into your daily life and you’d surely experience a revolution in your Productivity.

Question: what’s your take on the Productivity mix? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

I know this post is long, in fact, I’d advise you bookmark it and read it again — later. Additionally, I decided to create a PDF of it which you can download here and read anytime.

Originally published at Amoson Writes.