What’s Your Reason for Writing?

Why do you write?

This question is taken differently by writers the world over.

Some see it as a challenge to their writers’ ego while some others see it as a call to recollect and get organised.

Take a moment and ask yourself this question.

“Why do I write?”

Your answer to this question matters a lot to the development of your craft.

But generally why do writers write?

Writing as a craft is a means of expressing a message using written words.

But what message is your writing passing across?

Some people are solely interested in wowing their audience so they use big words and huge grammar or they write to entertain their audience.

They think they will pass their message with the best efficiency when they bend to their audience’s appeal.

But this doesn’t always end up well. If their ego gets bruised they get caught away from the craft.

However, there is another way to approaching it.

A way ahead.

What is this way ahead? You might ask.

Write to express and not to impress!
 Internationally well known author, Jeff Goins says this better:

“Of course, there is a great irony to all of this. As we disabuse ourselves of the desire to entertain, we writers discover something. That this fasting from acclaim liberates us to create remarkable works of art.”

This says it all!

To be the best writer you are, you need to pass your message in a normal way not trying to impress that is just being fake and real writers are true to themselves, never fake!

Flee from this when you write in your writing pursue passing your message with expression and not impression!


Pick up a piece you wrote some time ago and rewrite it in clearer words expressing the message clearly and tell us how it feels via the comments box below.

Originally published at Amoson Writes.

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