Like early mornings ray beaming on my presence
Your shadow kept me covered under this beams
It shielded those memories from sight
Your forward steps towards me echoed the catholic bells in my heart
It beat faster than normal. Your catholic bells were indeed from the west of Illinois
Your whisper blew out the pungent air of Korle and filled them breezes of the Ibiza
My Harry Berry who feels the morning with peace as soft as a baby’s side
The winds that grace your presence echoes Down memory with a cacophony of noise that never gets interpreted
You... Or y you
You my flower of Florence packed in a florenza I could ask for more after all
Your memories fills the spaces of all storages
We have come so far to come too far to let go
You my queen carved from diamond pebbles will always bring a golden future
We have come a long way to go a long way
The city of love inscribed on golden plates.
You showed me love while wearing teary eyes
Indeed true love comes and is found onces but last forever
You oh my Chakachaka sing till I hear no more
You oh my Soyinka write till I can read no more
Let the rains come down on us
We will be washed and pure for ages
The memories we store for posterity....
You Oh you are unique…..