The most popular open source projects on GitHub in each country
Quincy Larson

This is kind of embarrassing…

Czech — OSTRAJava — let me translate README opening from REPO
“OSTRAJava’s goal is to improve quality of (not only Silesian) programming. In comparison to Java, OSTRAJava comes directly from spoken language (Silesian dialect), so common folk comprehend it better. Typical Silesial coal-miner then will not have problems switching from a pickaxe to the keyboard. OSTRAJava solves problem with joblessness in Moravian-Silesian region.“

Integer is replaced with “pyco” — which means c*nt in dialect

Basically one of the most popular Czech repo is a joke, full of crude humour with dialect swear words for syntax.
It makes me smile and cringe at the same time, realizing just how goofy we (Czechs) are.

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